You can use Google's Home smart speaker to run your life


Google has announced Home, a new intelligent speaker that can respond to your questions. Home allows you to interact with Google's new Assistant, intelligent interface, even picking up conversations with Assistant that you started on another device. And it won't have trouble hearing you, thanks to the far-field voice recognition technology.

Home is also a Wi-Fi speaker that lets you enjoy music and other entertainment around your home, and can stream directly from the cloud. It also features Google Cast support, and can join with other Google Cast speakers for multi-room music playback.

You can use the speaker to manage your life. Perform a search, create tasks, and even set alarms. Going further, you can use Home and Assistant to do anything you can already do with Google Now, using only your voice. Home can control the smart devices already in your home, like the Nest thermostat. You can also interact with third-party services such as Uber and Pandora, with more coming down the line.

You will be able to get Home in a number of different styles, including plastics and fabrics. The speaker has no buttons, making customization easier. Home will be available later this year, and you can get updates at Google's Home website.

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