Google Play Services 6.5 brings some nifty new features

Google has announced today that it will soon be rolling out Google Play services 6.5, bringing some snazzy new features to Google Maps, Drive, Wallet and Fit for developers using those tools in their apps.

What exactly are these newfangled features, you ask? Well, the Google Maps API seems to be netting the lion's share of love. Developers using the API can now put a map toolbar inside their app that lets users immediately acquire turn-by-turn directions to a selected marker via Google Maps. Additionally, Maps will now sport an option for a 'lite mode' (as in small, not bright) in apps where it would make most sense like a list of locations with map thumbnails.

Google Drive also appears to be getting some love in the form of public and private custom file properties for Drive files, letting developers have deeper integration with Drive in their apps when it comes to saving files. Also, the ability to choose when files are uploaded (done via network type or charging status) and the option to cancel pending uploads are included in the latest update.

Finally, developers can now include a Google Wallet "Donate with Google" button in their apps rather than just a "Purchase with Google" one, where necessary, and Google has made it easier for Fit developers support pauses and multiple activity workouts.

As with all Google Services updates, this will be a gradual rollout happening over the next few days. For more information on these updates, hit up the source link below. And be sure to tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Google