Google launched its photos platform at I/O two years ago, but at its recent developer conference in Mountain View it gave an overview of some new features that would be coming over the summer.

Well, the first round of those updates is here, including proactive suggested sharing and, perhaps more interestingly, automatic photo sharing on an opt-in basis.

As of today, people on Android will see a new tab at the bottom right of the Google Photos app called Sharing. Tapping on that gives an overview of recently-shared albums and, if created, suggested albums to share with friends and family based on existing facial recognition.

Other features to come include suggested sets of photos based on events — Google suggests a wedding or a summer barbecue — as well as proactive suggestions from friends for adding their photos to your albums from a shared event.

Finally, Shared Libraries allow couples or family members to share their entire photo gallery with another person, which can be risky but Google is playing it smart, allowing photos from only a certain time forward — say, the day you met your partner — to be seen.

These updates are rolling out over the next few days on Android, iOS and the web. What do you think? Will you use these features? Let us know in the comments!