Google OnHub

Google's OnHub routers (there are two models as you'll recall from our review) are simple devices that were lacking one pretty major feature at launch — guest networks. That's about to change with a new firmware update on the routers themselves, and the companion apps that go along with them.

First you'll need the updated version of the Google On app, available now. You'll also need updated firmware on the router itself — version 7647.72.0 and up. (We're still on 7390.62.9 at the moment.)

OnHub Guest

From there, you'll set up the guest network in the app settings, choosing a guest network name and password. (Make sure they're different from your main network for obvious reasons.) And after that you can choose which of your connected devices — Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Apple TV, printers, etc. — you want users of the guest network to have access to. So it's more than just a dumb pipe. And that's smart. To connect to any of those devices, you'll have your guest visit On.Here while connected to the guest network.

And along with this update you're able to rename the devices connected to your OnHub — particularly useful for all the "Android devices" that don't properly identify themselves.

Again, we're still waiting on the firmware update before we can try any of this, so we'll update here if we see anything else.

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