Google Maps for Android is getting a visual refresh in an update rolling out now, with a new tabbed interface that makes it easier to check on nearby places, traffic conditions, and transit times nearby.

As with many Android apps in Google's repertoire, Maps seems to be getting an update to come more in line with the company's updated Material Design guidelines, relying less on menus and more on more visually-pleasing and accessible tabs.

The company says that these tabs — Places, Traffic, and Transit — are three of the most-used features in the app aside from directions, which are still easily accessible from the always-on search bar at the top, and users are familiar with the idea of swiping up from the bottom of the scree to access information.

The move also puts Maps in a better position to take on competitors in the transit space, which have until now had an advantage in the speed at which a user could access transit times.

Like all Google apps, the Maps update will roll out piecemeal over the next few days and weeks, so make sure your version is up-to-date from the Play Store.