Google Now

Google Now's reminder feature is nifty if you're looking to create quick alerts for events, and with the latest update, Google is making it easier to create new reminders. You can now create reminders directly from Google Search by entering a query along the lines of "remind me to collect contact lens at 11 am" in the search box.

It doesn't matter what browser you use to create the reminder, with the only criteria being that you have to be signed in to your Google account for the reminder to be synced to Google Now on your device. Reminders can either be time-based, which will give you a notification at a stipulated time, or location-based, which are triggered when you enter the desired location.

The feature is rolling out across territories, so if you're not able to create reminders just yet, we suggest you try in a while.

Do you guys use Google Now for setting reminders? What do you guys think of the new addition?