Google IO

Registration for this year's Google IO developer conference in San Francisco will begin at 7 a.m. PDT March 27. And you'd better set your alarm -- the 2011 conference sold out in less than an hour. Here's the pricing breakdown:

  • General attendee: $900 -- up significantly from 2011.
  • Academia (student, faculty): $300

Google's got a few rules to follow, too -- only one ticket can be purchased per person, and it's up to Google to approve any ticket transfers. You'll also need access to Google+ and Google Wallet to register.

It's worth a reminder that you'll undoubtedly be hearing about the hardware Google likes to give away at its developer conferences -- last year it was a Samsung Verizon LTE Mifi and a special-edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- but graft is the absolutely wrong reason to go to IO. The giant wall of candy and robots and the big official party and the hours and hours of information from the people that make all this happen? Now that's the reason to go.

The 2012 Google IO conference has expanded to three days and runs from June 27-29 at Moscone West in SOMA. And you can bet your bippy we'll be there for the whole thing.

Be sure to check out our complete coverage of Google IO 2011 for a taste of what we might see this year.

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