When Google announced back in mid-2012 that they were bringing a brand new gigabit fiber internet service to Kansas City, Missouri, we had a feeling that local expansion would happen rapidly once the initial infrastructure was built out. Sure enough, Kansas City, Kansas - right across the the Missouri River - got wired up, followed by Kansas-side suburbs Olathe and Shawnee.

Tonight Google announced an expansion back on the Missouri side of the Missouri river, with the Board of Aldermen of Grandview, Missouri, approving a Google Fiber rollout in their municipality of 25,000. As with the rollouts in Shawnee and Olathe, as well as out-of-state Google Fiber projects in Provo, Utah. and Austin, Texas, there's no public announcement for when exactly residents can expect Google to be running fiber optic lines to their house. Either way, exciting news for the residents of Grandview, Missouri.

And if you happen to be living in one of the Kansas City suburbs that hasn't been confirmed for a Google Fiber expansion, we'd start calling your councilmen and aldermen right away and demanding they approve some gigabits for you too. Come to think of it, we don't live anywhere near any of the announced Google Fiber communities, but that's not going to stop us from nudging our municipal governments to make it happen.

Source: Google Fiber Blog


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