Fly Delta 3.0

Everything you need to fly is now in one convenient place

Delta Air Lines today has pushed out version 3.0 of its Fly Delta app, bringing with it a much-needed visual refresh. You've now got a handy "Today" feature (tucked in a standard drawer along with a bunch of other shortcuts you'll want to use) that puts everything you need for a day of flying in one place. That means no more clicking through to your trip, and finally to your boarding pass. You'll be able to check in, check or change your seat, and track your bags all from one place. One swipe to the right will show you your arriving and connecting information. You'll be able to see all this once you're within the 24-hours-from-takeoff window.

(And, of course, the Fly Delta app is still 100 percent compatible with Android Wear, even if your airport isn't.)

The main "My Delta" screen also has gotten its own spinner, making it easier to flip between your Skymiles account, your upcoming trips, wallet (and thus your digital Skymiles cards), and your profile information. You'll also find all-new notifications, which are aggregated in your "Feed" list should you need one later.

What's missing? Better tablet support, and the fancy "Glass-bottom Jet" feature our iOS friends get to enjoy. Get your update on at the link above.

Fly Delta 3.0