Google has announced its new open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard, Eddystone. With this, developers will have easy access to relative context and precise location, and users will be able to benefit in many ways. With ease of use and security in mind, Google has built in a feature called Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs), which enable you to securely do things like find your luggage or keys. These EIDs change frequently, and only allow authorized clients to decode them.

For developers, Eddystone will provide better context for your apps. With the use of Google's new Nearby API, developers will be able to allow people who are at a bus stop to be notified when the bus is running late, or give some additional information about an exhibit in a museum. Google has added beacon-based transit notifications to Google Maps in Portland earlier this year to help get faster access to real-time schedules for specific stations.

Existing BLE beacons can become Eddystone complaint with a simple firmware update, and Google is also working with a number of partners to build more Eddystone-compliant beacons.

Source: Google Developers