eBay Android App

Online auction giant eBay this morning announced that its Android application is now available internationally, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. With the app, you'll have access to:

  • Buyer alerts – Stay up to date on the status of auctions and watched items with timely alerts
  • Daily Deals – View limited time bargains on popular items, where items are often more than 50% off the original price and include free shipping
  • Feedback – Leave Feedback for items bought and sold within the application
  • My eBay – Improved experience that includes an easier to use interface so sellers can quickly access listings, watched items, bids and sales
  • Member Messages – Buyers and sellers can now receive and reply to messages and emails sent through My eBay. Ask a seller a question or reply to an inquiry or keep track of notifications directly through the app
  • Sharing – Enabled with sharing functions so that buyers and seller can share items via Facebook, Twitter or email with friends and family
  • Payments – PayPal account users can purchase items directly through the application
  • View Sellers Other Items – View what other items a particular seller has to offer across eBay
  • Voice search – In addition to type search, the eBay application comes enabled with speech-to-text voice search

You should be able to download the eBay app now in the Android Market (link). [Business wire]