Google+ recently announced that it no longer will require its users to use "real" names. Not that everyone did, in fact, use their real names (thanks for the circle, Edgar Allen Poe!), but you get the point. "El1teHax0r" isn't what Google+ was looking for when it rolled out a few years ago.

And there's something to be said for actually using your name on things. It can provide a sense of importance. It also can help hold folks accountable for what they say — though certainly some people just don't care — and, again, it's not like there weren't and aren't ways around that, on Google+ and elsewhere.

And there's also a time and place for anonymity, when privacy and safety are paramount for any number of reasons.

Me? I just like to know who I'm talking to. But it's telling that Google apologized for the names policy being "unclear."

So let's put it to you folks. Did Google+ make the right decision in letting us use something other than "real" names with our profiles?