3 years ago

Jolla announces Android launcher for Sailfish OS


You'll be able to pop the gesture-friendly Sailfish onto your Android device as a launcher or an OS replacement

The folks at Finland-based Jolla announced that their mobile OS Sailfish is now commercially available for distribution after hitting their 1.0 release and will soon be available as a launcher for Android. For those unfamiliar, Sailfish uses a lot of what was left behind by MeeGo, an operating system built by Nokia before they went all-in with Windows Phone.

They've adapted it to run Android apps not unlike BlackBerry 10's set-up and what Windows Phone is reportedly considering, which is an experience Jolla claims to have polished since a limited release in November. For those that have a spare Android device kicking around and are looking for more than a launcher, Sailfish can work on popular Android-based hardware, including Samsung, Nexus, and Sony handsets.  

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3 years ago

Ingress introduces ancient artifacts and glyph puzzles for #Recursion event


Google's location-based game, Ingress, kicked off another global event recently dubbed #Recursion, and as a part of it, the're introducing some new gameplay mechanics. The first is ancient artifacts. Enlightened and Resistance agents have limited windows in which to claim, move, and deliver these items between portals in a #Recursion city. Sounds like a massive co-operative globe-spanning relay. Neat.

The other addition is Shaper Glyph puzzles. Now when you long-press the hack button on a portal, you can get the chance to decode a glyph through a puzzle mini-game. If you do it, your portal-hacking ability is improved for a short time. Glyphs have been buried in the game lore for some time already, with players already deciphering the meaning out of many. If you'd like to practice the glyph mini-game, there's an app in the Play Store where you can start training.

As for #Recursion, it's spanning 28 cities over the next 9 weeks. You can see more info on the event at the video below or get downloading Ingress at the Play link above. Anybody playing in the #Recursion cities? Anyone attend the first events over the weekend? Eager to get going on those ancient artifacts? Anyone have a good time with the last event, #13Magnus?

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3 years ago

Waze for Android now syncs with your calendar


A quick heads up for you Waze users — the traffic-mapping app just unleashed an update that syncs up with your calendar. It's optional — so if you prefer not to use it you can turn it off in the advanced settings. 

And update to the iPhone version is coming, Waze said. But for now, Android first!

Snag the update at the link above.

More: Waze blog

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3 years ago

Google Currents update kills Google Currents - long live Newsstand!


Today's update wipes Currents from your device and points you at Newsstand

There's an update for Google Currents slowly pushing out, and it has a very simple change. When you install it, it will direct you to install [Newsstand(http://www.androidcentral.com/google-rolls-play-magazines-and-currents-play-newsstand).

All your Currents subscriptions are transferred over, and the Currents app itself is shrunk down to a stub, removed from your application drawer, and has all of it's data erased. The only thing you can do with it is uninstall it, which you probably should do.

Getting started with Newsstand is easy — especially with all your Currents subscruptions migrated over. One that you'll want to be sure to subscribe to is Android Central, which is pretty easy to do right from the Newsstand app via a quick search for us, or click right here if you're reading this on your computer.

Folks that want to keep using Currents should skip this update, of course, but with so much of the app done server-aide, chances are it will stop working eventually. You'll need to figure out what service you want to go with when that happens, and be prepared.

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3 years ago

Lynda.com launches redesigned app for phones and tablets, enables offline viewing


App responds to the size of your device, lets you create playlists and download courses for offline viewing

Lynda.com, an online education company, has just launched a brand new version of its Android app, bringing a fresh look and a bunch of new features. If you're not familiar with Lynda.com, it's a service that gives you amazingly in-depth courses in a wide variety of topics for a single monthly subscription. The most noticeable change today is a redesign to work great on both phones and tablets in a single app, with proper use of design that makes the most of whatever screen size you're viewing courses on.

The new app also makes it easy to switch between devices and save your position in a course, as well as share courses to social networks. If you want to save on data, you can download courses for offline viewing, as well as create and manage playlists right from your phone or tablet.

The newly redesigned app is free in the Google Play Store at the link above or from the Amazon Appstore as well — you'll need a Lynda.com subscription to make the most of the service, but you can still get a good taste for the new app for free before you choose to get in on all of the content.

Via: Lynda.com

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3 years ago

Four indie games set to strike it big on Android


Indie game development is where many of the most exciting Android games come from nowadays. Sure, we all love big releases from Electronic Arts, Sega, and the like. But so many today’s most popular mobile games (including Flappy Bird) came from small development studios or even individual creators.

We caught wind of several exciting indie games during the recent Apps World event in San Francisco. Let’s Duel is a motion-controlled sword fighting game that you can get right now. In the near future, we’ll also be playing the eccentric and beautiful running game Mr. Runner 2, a match-3 game with actual controllable characters called Puzzle Raiders, and Zato – a slashing game starring a blind swordsman. See them in action after the break.

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3 years ago

The best Muzei live wallpaper extensions


Freshen up your home screen with these add-ons for Muzei

Roman Nurik's Muzei live wallpaper brings a new piece of fine art to your home screen every day. But that's only the beginning — Muzei is also infinitely expandable through its extension system, allowing developers to bring content from all kinds of sources to the app. We've been digging through the Google Play Store in recent days — as well as looking at readers' suggestions — and we've come up with a list of some of the best out there.

Check past the break to take a look!

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3 years ago

Microsoft OneDrive goes live, adds Dropbox like way to get free space


Android app gets camera backups in the process

A quick heads up for anyone using Microsoft's brand of cloud storage, that today sees the big switch over to OneDrive. The Android app has been updated to reflect the new name and add camera backups, and you can now earn free space in a Dropbox style fashion by referring folks to boost your own GBs.

The big name change came about following legal action involving UK TV broadcaster BSkyB, and so Microsoft has been forced to remove the reference to sky from it's cloud locker. There's a bunch of other stuff included in the big changeover that affects folks on other platforms, and our buddies over at Windows Phone Central have the handle on what's going down.

Source: Microsoft

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3 years ago

TuneIn Radio Pro update lets you record to SD card, improves car mode design


No more running out of room on your internal storage for your favorite radio station cache

TuneIn Radio Pro is receiving an update today with a few fixes and new bits of functionality. First up is the ability to record radio stations (already a pro feature) to an external SD card — something folks with limited internal storage devices will enjoy. Car mode has also received a quick design refresh, although it still isn't much to look at — it just gets the job done.

The update has also corrected alarm volumes and fixed problems with opening links shared to you, as well as reduced the size of the Google Play buttons for buying music in the app. You can grab a download of the latest TuneIn Radio Pro — or buy for $3.99 — at the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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3 years ago

Light Flow update supports Sony SmartWatch 2, LG G2 power button LED


Text message handling with DashClock, Pebble and Hangouts also improved

One of the most popular notification, vibration and LED control apps, Light Flow, has just been updated to improve compatibility across multiple devices and apps. The biggest of the bunch will be Sony SmartWatch 2 support, along with the notification LED on the back of the LG G2 and Sony phones that came with an "illumination bar" down at the bottom.

The update also improves text message handling when you have DashClock installed or a Pebble connected when running Android 4.3, as well as genreal fixes for SMS and Hangouts. These updates are all included in the free version of Light Flow, which you can download from the Play Store link above.

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3 years ago

BBM for Android now compatible with Gingerbread


Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

Via: CrackBerry

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3 years ago

VH1 app now available for Android


Watch your favorite VH1 shows right on your Android, and exclusive content is coming, too

VH1 has released their app for Android this afternoon, finally bringing the popular iOS program to hundreds of millions more eyeballs.

The app will play your favorite shows from the VH1 network, like Basketball Wives and Couples Therapy, as well as content like musician interviews and mash-ups from the VH1 blog. There's even some music tucked in there with VH1 Divas and the upcoming summer music festivals.

In addition, VH1 says there will be exclusive content for the Android app, like the re-release of VH1’s original movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, as well as a full episode preview of the next episode for Basketball Wives: LA after its season 3 premiere tonight.

The app requires Android 4.0 or higher, and you can grab it for free from the Google Play link above.

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3 years ago

HTC FootballFeed app updated ahead of UEFA knockout stages


A major UEFA partner, HTC launched its FootballFeed app for Android on Google Play last November, allowing fans to keep track of European leagues on their smartphones in a BlinkFeed-ike grid. Today, in anticipation of the Champions League and Europa League knockout stages, the app's been given its first substantial update.

The new version adds support for Estonian, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, bringing the total supported languages up to 25. There's also a new "live dashboard" allowing fans to track ongoing games, as well as a standings page showing teams, fixtures and scores in the knockout stages of both leagues.

As before, HTC FootballFeed is available for free on Google Play for all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or above.

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3 years ago

Koush teases Android mirroring to Chromecast


Flappy Bird on your TV

Now that the Google Cast SDK is out in the open, developers are free to conjure up all kinds of ways to take advantage of Chromecast, Google's inexpensive streaming dongle. And today developer Koushik Dutta, of CyanogenMod and AllCast fame, has teased an implementation of the SDK that enables system-level mirroring of an Android device's screen onto Chromecast.

The minute teaser video shows Chromecast enabled in the Cast screen menu, before hopping into a game or three of Flappy Bird. The mirroring isn't quite instantaneous, but at this early stage it's impressive nonetheless. It's also not quite clear whether this is an upcoming CM feature or a new app, though the former is more likely since we're talking about system-wide mirroring.

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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3 years ago

PSA: Our wallpaper gallery is back online


A quick heads up for everyone who's been trying to download wallpapers through the wallpaper gallery in our app: We broke things just a bit last week when we upgraded some servers. We've since fixed things, and all should be back to normal.

You don't need to update the app or anything — it'll just work now.

If you've yet to give our app a shot (and, really, what are you waiting for?!?!) you can download it here! Apologies for the down time.

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