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A newsreader is something that quite a few of us rely on in our day-to-day life.  Digging through the slew of them on the Android Market can be quite a task, so allow me to suggest you start with Pulse.  It has all the basics you would expect from any newsreader -- handles rss feeds, links to full stories on the web, customizable sources, and a robust selection of pre-defined newsfeeds to choose from.  Pulse just does things a little more visually, and in this author's opinion, a little better. And it's currently discounted to 99 cents.  Let's check it out, after the break.

First up is the interface.  Rather than a block of text with a thumbnail, Pulse gives you a visual representation, with a small text blurb attached.  The developers call this a "mosaic of your news," and I'll have to agree.  To stay in step with the good looks and visual interface, when you are browsing a feed, a visual menu stays docked, ready to rise at the tap of a finger to give you a scrolling dock of the articles in that particular feed.  Pules makes it easy to share news stories as well, with quick links to Twitter and Facebook sharing right from the menu button.

Maybe the most important feature of a newsreader is Google Reader integration, and Pulse handles that well, too.  Sign in to your Google Reader account, and Pulse stays synced so stories read on your Android phone are marked as read on the web, and vice-versa.  To top it all off, Pulse is currently on sale for just 99 cents on the Android Market.  No idea when it goes off sale, so you might want to hurry if your interested in a visual newsreader for your Android phone. 

Pulse feed view  Pulse feed view -- menu


Pulse -- sharing  Pulse -- pre-defined feeds


Pulse -- Google Reader sync  Pulse -- Google Reader feeds

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