Browsix Setup

Quick show of hands:  How many of you use some sort of photo hosting service to get your pictures off your Android device, rather than grabbing your USB cable and transferring them manually?  Or do you always have a USB cable/charging cradle on your desk, but you're too lazy to enable USB storage mode?  Would you rather just browse the contents of your SD card (and root folder if rooted) via your computer's browser?

There are plenty of apps on the market that allow you to browse the files on your Android device via Wi-Fi, but I've never used one that does it as well as Browsix.  More info and download links after the break.

Browsix web interface.

With Browsix, you can download, upload, and delete files from your SD card.  View your pictures in slideshow mode, and even stream your recorded videos directly from its web interface.  Transferring your media to your computer has never been easier.  It also automatically recognizes all your music, which you can also stream directly from your browser.

Browsix Settings

Still not impressed?  Browsix's web UI also allows you to send and receive SMS messages -- it even loads up your contacts so you don't have to dig around for phone numbers.  Browsix also offers password protection -- this way you can make sure there's no unauthorized access to your device's files.

Like I said, there are apps on the market that already offer similar functionality, but Browsix seems to do it the best.  You can get Browsix Lite from the market now as a free app, or cough up $2.06 for the full version.  Even as a free app, it works great, and is definitely worth checking out.