With all that's been going on lately, you'd be forgiven if you forgot that Father's Day is quickly approaching. Heck, I forgot, and I am a father! But have no fear, for we've unearthed some of our favorite gifts that the papa bear in your life is sure to love. From gadgets to streaming services to gift boxes, you're sure to find something on this list that speaks to your dad. Now hurry up and order — Father's Day is around the corner!

Carnivore Club

My Kind of Meat Up: Carnivore Club Subscription Box

Staff Pick

If it seems like there are a thousand different kinds of subscription boxes, it's because there are! If your old man is a meat-eater at heart, he's sure to love this subscription of four to six handcrafted cured meats delivered each month. If meat is not his thing, Amazon has dozens of other subscription boxes for items like clothing, coffee, candy, and even camping!

Rymek Typwriter Mechanical Keyboard

Old School Feel: RYMEK Typewriter-Style Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage these days, making what was old feel new again. This typewriter-style keyboard works with dad's computer, phone, or tablet, and its blue style switches make satisfying noises as he types. It's even backlit too.

Nomodo Wireless Qi Mug Phone Charger

Two Birds, One Stone: Nomodo Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer

This two-in-one gadget works great at the office or in the home office. Dad can keep his coffee warm, and his phone charged while he reads the paper (or his tablet). Its Qi charging mat is capable of fast charging at 7.5W or 10W.

Rachio 3

Set it and Forget it: Rachio 3rd Gen Smart Sprlnkler System

Setting and fussing with sprinkler systems can be a chore, even with automated ones. But the Rachio smart sprinkler control takes all of the guesswork out of the equation. It works hand-in-hand with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to automate and maximize the efficiency of your dad's watering needs.

Fitbit Charge 4

Get off the Couch: Fitbit Charge 4

Your dad may not be down to wear and charge a smartwatch every day, but that doesn't mean he couldn't benefit from a bit more activity. The Fitbit Charge 4 has a battery that lasts a week and can monitor dad's step count, heart rate, and sleep patterns so that he can take better care of himself.

Tile Mate 4 Pack

No More Excuses: Tile Mate Trackers

Dads are people too, and they lose everyday items just like the rest of us. This four-pack of Tile Mate trackers can help ensure that the next time dad does misplace his keys, umbrella, or briefcase that he can find it right away. This might low-key be one of his favorite gifts, even if he'd never admit it!

Sonos One

Super Smart Speaker: Sonos One

There are a ton of great speakers on the market, and even some excellent smart speakers from the likes of Amazon, Google/Nest, and even Apple. But in my opinion, the smart speaker that sounds the best, and works with the most smart assistants and music services, is the Sonos One. Plus, the entire Sonos ecosystem is a joy to use. Chances are this won't be dad's last Sonos speaker!

iOttie iON

He's in Charge: iOttie iON Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad

Since just about every new smartphone these days is capable of charging wirelessly, why not get dad a wireless charging pad (or two) to put in areas of the house he might need them? The iOn Wireless Mini pad from iOttie has a charmingly subtle yet contemporary look and is capable of fast charging at 7.5W and 10W.

Wyze Cam Pan

Simple Home Security: Wyze Cam Pan

If your dad is wanting to get into smart home monitoring but isn't sure how deep he wants to stick his toes into the water, the Wyze Cam Pan is a great first step. For starters, it's super affordable and easy to set up. It also works great with Amazon Echo Show and Nest Hub devices.

Tidal official logo

Hi-Fi Streaming Service: Tidal Music

If your dad is one of the few people left who isn't subscribed to a streaming music service (and let's face it, he probably is that guy), then Tidal Music is a fantastic option to set him up with. Tidal has plans as low as $10/month, and it's one of the few streaming platforms with Hi-Fi quality audio options.

From $10/month at Tidal
Sling Logo

Cable Detox: Sling TV

I'm sure you've tried to get your father to be a true cord-cutter and just subscribe to a handful of internet-based streaming services, and I'm sure you've heard the same complaints about missing out on sports and live T.V. If that describes your dad, then Sling TV is like training wheels for cord-cutters. For less than a cable subscription, dad can get access to tons of sports, news, and his favorite shows from his favorite device or T.V.

Audible App Icon

Escape into a Good Story: Audible

Audible is awesome because it lets you bring your favorite books and spoken word content with you wherever you go. Now, dad can binge his old Tom Clancy favorites while grilling burgers, or listen to an Audible original while mowing the lawn. Once you get him signed up, he's sure to be hooked. New signups get a free audiobook to keep, and then he can get at least one book per month to enjoy.

From $15/month at Audible

Here's to Dad

Everyone's dad is different, but they all deserve our love and thanks for the job they did in raising us. I know that for many of my fellow dads and me, a subscription box like the one from Carnivore Club is the gift that keeps on giving — literally every month!

If your dad is into technology, he might love the retro feel of the RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Keyboard, or get a kick out of the dual functionality of this awesome charging stand by Nomodo. Perhaps he has all of the material possessions that he could ever want, but a streaming subscription service like Sling TV or Tidal Music would entertain him for years to come.

Whatever you end up getting your dad, trust me, he's going to love that you thought of him. Just remember to visit him (if you can), or schedule a call or video chat to remind him why he's your #1 pops!

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