Yeah, yeah, Google is Evil

So by uploading your little "Google is Evil" manifesto to YouTube which is ... wait for it ... owned by Google, you're saying what? Cute picture, though. Video after the break. [via Walt Mosspuppet, which makes this even more ironic]


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Yeah, yeah, we get it -- you think Google's evil


funny, nice lil video but i don't care Google made Android, so as far as I'm concerned they can have my first born in exchange for a Nexus

Just long press on the pic and hit image and save thanks for the idea its my new wallpaper lol

And they are different from every other mega corporation how exactly?

Considering that Facebook is owned by a subsidiary company which in turn is owned as a front for the CIA and NSA, Microsoft are in cahoots with the RIAA, and Apple are busily patenting every good IDEA regardless of how it is actually coded (and suing people like HTC in the process), I think the only way to avoid all these companies' machinations is to become a total and utter Luddite.


Since when were Microsoft "in cahoots" with the RIAA?

Also don't forget the whole AT&T and Verizon letting the NSA wiretap all people on their networks regardless of warrant.

Wow. I love how people love to get caught up in, and blow things out of proportion.

Google wants to be the largest on-line *CONTENT* provider and want to do so by expanding the boundaries of current services. By google making a map service, they aren't trying to TRACK YOU, they are making a map - same as we've had for hundreds of years - and expand upon it's usefulness by adding street-level images. Every other service is pretty much the same idea. Sprinkle in some data mining so they can service you with context-aware advertisements and it's all makes logical sense.

Google wanting to provide fiber for 10,000 people is an attempt to force other providers into GETTING OFF THEIR LAZY ASSES and start rolling out services. Services that they could have rolled out a long time ago but are too busy blood-sucking the consumer to care about. Google did the same with the Nexus One - release a top-of-the-line product to spur other manufacturers to better their own products.

Google looking into alternative forms of electricity? That's not to control YOU, but to find ways to more efficiently power the 450,000 servers they run 24/7. As a side effect the whole world can benefit from advances made in green power from the grants by Google.

Google has money to spend in advancing technology, and does so for a reason. The by products of these endeavors is a benefit to the world, not an attempt to destroy you.

PS - This is why I hate the average person, they're stupid sheep more than happy to be herded around by the media (which is arguably a more evil entity than Google is).

I know this is not the response the creator of this video was going for but all I kept thinking was .... Google is F'ing awesome!!!!!!!!!

Man what an amazing company. I hope to someday work for them.

Favorite part has got to be Eric Schmidt's quote about

"If you have something you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

But I agree with Anitoc: "Google is F'ing awesome!!!"

It actually makes Google look great. They saved all the negative information for too late in the video. By that time you are thinking about all the stuff you can do with Google.

And using Darth Vader is interesting as, in the end, he turns out NOT to be evil. As a matter of fact, he ends up saving the day as a good guy.

It doesn't help that Vader is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars if not all of Science Fiction.

Sorry guys, you just made Google look better. Oops.

And that's different than anyother company... how?

I say let them run my digital life, at least they'll do it right.

OK, and in doing so, Google hasn't invaded MY privacy. They encourage open software development, don't charge the consumer for ANY of their products and... have created a great one stop shop for keeping my e-mail, calendar and phone all in sync (without losing my information Palm AND Sidekick). Last I checked, I didn't HAVE to click on any advertisement on ANY website for Google. I don't have any SPAM sent to me on my gmail account. Never had a hiccup when trying to restore anything. So they show me an ad I will most likely ignore... Last I checked, Google was based out of a capitalist country (USA) where these practices are welcome. Last I checked, my personal information hasn't been sent to china. My medical records aren't on-line because I chose them NOT to be there, I didn't buy a phone and have to have all the services. You pick what you want.

You cant go wrong tho. Everything you do online, or in your social media life is all around Google, Who still use yahoo? if your on a out dated computer or a novice user you might. but even the novice user still use Google.

I like the fact that Google is on everything and everywhere i go. Its like having a master key for 2,000 things. You can make one Google Acc and do everything and keep everything saved there. From a-z from email-blogs

its not like having to have 12 different accounts to upload my pics here, upload my docs here, check my email here, check what my friends r doing here, blah blah etc

With google you just need a account and everything is linked to that one account.

Hate it or love it. Google runs the internet and about to run the phone marketing. i got a feeling Apple wont last very long.