Xbox One Smartglass Beta

Keep up on the latest developments in this Xbox second-screen app

If you want that second-screen experience between your Xbox One and your Android phone, but also want to ride that bleeding edge known as beta, Microsoft has you covered.

They've released a beta version of their Xbox One SmartGlass app into Google Play, allowing users a way to preview new features and provide feedback to the folks writing the code. We do have to wonder why Microsoft didn't use the official beta track in Google Play, but we aren't about to second guess what goes on in Redmond.

If you're the adventurous type who want to give the beta a try, uninstall the stable version and hit the Google Play link at the top of the post.


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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app available in Google Play


Awesome! I wonder if it can finally connect to your Xbox One over mobile network...
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Hmm I'll stick to the second screen experience on my Wii U. You want me to juggle a controller and a second screen?

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You obviously have never used Smart Glass for XBOX ONE nor an XBOX ONE, have you? You would only need to utilize a controller to play a game. That's it. Everything is voice and hand gestured activated. The Smart Glass app is pretty sleek, connects quickly to your system, gives you information on what your're watching (Netflix, etc) and even controls audio on your television (granted if your TV and XBOX ONE are connected/synced).

Part of the premise of SmartGlass is to use it as a second screen while playing games. Madden 25 uses SmartGlass for calling plays and other management duties while playing the game.

It's great that SmartGlass has that other functionality, but gaterboi's concerns aren't without merit. Second screen play - the main "selling point"* for SmartGlass - is still cumbersome if you have to use both a controller and a smartphone/tablet. As much as I'm looking forward to the second screen play of Watch Dogs, I'm a bit wary of how it'll play out having to use both a controller and tablet. I think they're positioning it where a second player would control the phone/tablet, so it would be a sort of pseudo-co-op type of thing. Either way, we'll just have to wait and see how it works.

*"selling point" in quotes because a free app isn't actually bought or sold.

I have both Xbox360 and Xbox One. I've tried Smart Glass a few times, on my iPad and Android phones, then just forgot about it - right now there's no practical use except sometimes trying to impress your simple-minded friends/guests with. Same exact thing goes for Sony's PlayStation app (I also have PS4).

If you're wondering why MS didn't use the official beta track, maybe you should as Google the same question. Chrome Beta is a separate app from Chrome in the Play Store too. If Google doesn't want to eat their own dog food, why should MS?