Android neon light

The Internet's a-buzzing about a really cool neon lamp Google has offered up for sale today. It's a green (natch) neon tube bent in the shape of everyone's favorite mascot, Google's bugdroid. We had to have a look, and of course we think they're pretty darn awesome ourselves. In fact, they're so awesome we decided to grab five of them before they sell out to give away!

Entering to win one is easy. Head into the forums, respond in the forum post to let us know you want to win one. It's going to be a U.S. only contest (the fixtures are designed for standard U.S. 110-volt AC wall sockets), and everyone is eligible except the folks who are on staff here at Mobile Nations. Sorry, Kevin. Don't try to cheat, cause we'll know and make sure you don't win.

The contest is open until Friday night (whenever Friday night ends in your time zone) and we'll post the winners here on the blog over the weekend. Good luck everyone!

While everyone else talks about them, we give them away. That's how the best damn Android blog in the universe rolls.

Enter to win one of five Android neon lights from AC


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Win one of five Android neon lights from your pals at Android Central


Saudi Arabia also uses the same kind (110-volt AC wall sockets) .... alongside the European one :(

I really want this! I will strategically place it in my cubicle where the local apple fan can see it every time he enters his own cubicle. It will be Bwah hahahahahaha

FYI guys you need to post in the thread linked in the post to win. I pretty sure posting here does not count please correct me if I'm wrong.

Wouldn't it be ironic that out of all the contests I have entered online to win all sorts of devices and trips....the one id win would be for a LAMP! Pick me!

I want one for work. I work wits a boatload of iTards. This would be perfect to show off my android loyalty. Of which I push constantly. I have my GS3 proudly displayed at all times to show the iTards what mine can do that theirs can't

I manager a phone store and I would love to put this up on my android display. It would be nice to draw done attention away from the apple display also. support android, help me sell more of them and less of apple.

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