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If you've downloaded the latest Google Maps and use Google Latitude to check in to places, you might have seen something a little out of place. We recently got an e-mail here at Android Central pointing out the situation, so we figured we'd post it and see if anyone else has experienced this. As it was sent to us:

I noticed something after checking in via Latitude that I haven't seen posted about. Even after some very intense Googling (3 minutes tops). So I posted it about it in a Google+ post and received confirmation about it from a Latitude dev stating it just went live yesterday.

Check ins are awarded point values. Looks like 2 points for a new check in, 1 point for checking in to the same place again. You are then ranked and compared to other people in your circles.  I see no way to access the Leaderboard other than checking in. I can only get it to come up when checking in via Maps, checking in or tagging a place in Google+ seems to award points but the leaderboard is not displayed.

Checking out the Google+ post, the Latitude developer, Joe LaPenna stated there was nothing further to announce when questioned why it was happening but, there seems to be a little bit more to the story here then he cared to mention.

Source: Google+, Thanks, Joey!


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Is Google Maps showing a leaderboard for your Google+ circles?


I can confirm that I saw this too.
I saw it yesterday when I checked into a local Italian restaurant for lunch.
I don't normally check in to Google Latitude, but I did get a notification asking if I wanted to. I then saw the list, with Leo Laporte at the top (since I have him in a circle)>

It definitely makes me want to check in more. But like foursquare, I can see the potential for abuse or cheating.

I noticed this today as well. I remember reading a story a while back about Latitude check ins eventually earning you discounts or rewards of some kind. I don't recall where I read the story or any of the details. Maybe this is related to that.

I saw several people mention it in G+ yesterday and while i am a latitude user, i rarely check into places manually. I decided to check into a pizza place down the road to try it and there it was. Kind of fun seeing how you stack up against others in my circles. Surprised at the others who are using it.