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Digital artists will be happy to hear that Wacom's Bamboo Paper app has found its way onto Android. On the down-side, Samsung has managed to snag an exclusive deal to lock it to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 for the time being. 

The free app is fairly basic, but runs very smoothly. You can pick a highlighter or pen stroke with 12 colors each (though there's no thickness adjustment). There are options to change the guides on the "paper" to four different styles. The app plugs into the native share menu, so you can get your sketches out to Evernote, Gmail, or whereever else you need them. The iOS version allows users to import pictures stored locally on the device, but no such luck in the Android app just yet. The iOS app also has a premium in-app upgrade that includes cloud storage, but it doesn't seem like that version is available on Android. 

Any artists in the house that have been using Android tablets for their work? Which stylus have you been using? Are the Bamboo ones any good, or is there another brand you prefer? What about apps?

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Wacom launches Bamboo Paper app for Samsung devices


Bummer. locked up my phone....
Probably have to force a reboot now.
Note 717 on a custom AOSP ICS Rom if'n anyone cares.
Looks cool though...
Well rebooted and opened. It got a little bit further then bonked again.
Flickering the buttons.
Oh well. Maybe rev 2 later today lol

Not compatible with Note 10.1? I guess it's just meant for phones. Would've loved to try it out.

As for art, the Note 10.1 has been awesome for me. I only use the included stylus b/c I feel I would lose any other stylus if it wasn't attached to the unit (and it gets the job done for me, too). As for apps, my favorites are Layerpaint, TV Paint, and Sketchbook Mobile (prefer mobile over pro because I can draw in portrait instead of only landscape).

Glad to download the app but won't open or use the application till I purchase my Galaxy Note 2 on November 1st. Tmobile rules this space...

From the article: "Samsung has managed to snag an exclusive deal to lock it to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S3 for the time being."

Digging this simple Memo app. Exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for the heads up on it, schrochem.

I'm on Paranoid Rom and it states not compatible for my note, was trying to find a download and possibly side load it but have not seen one.

WTG Samsung to not include all samsung phones, way to isolate your customers that have already bought samsung products that aren't even a year old, pff. It's sh#t like this that makes me not want to buy another samsung device