Sometimes when you are on the go you just simply need to access some stuff from your home computer. While many options for this scenario exist one of the most trusted names in the remote access department has finally now made their Android app available. VNC Viewer is now listed in the Android Market. From their press release:

"Following the success of VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPad, and staying true to our cross-platform roots, we have launched VNC Viewer for the Android platform," said Dr Andy Harter, CEO at RealVNC. "Android users will now be able to access VNC remote control capabilities on their mobile or tablet device, in a way that is fast, simple and cost effective."

If you find yourself having a need for this type of app it's certainly one to have a look at. The UI for VNC Viewer has a unique design to it which allows for trackpad-style interactions making it easy to tap and execute whatever action you may need to on your remote computer. Download link can be found after the break for you all. Keep in mind though it is for devices Android 1.6 and up. [RealWire]


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VNC Viewer for Android launched in the Android Market


When are companies going to realize that they need to provide a trial app. cause i am not paying $10 for an app that i only have 15 minutes to refund if i dont like it or it doesnt suite my needs.

You're kidding me. $10 to do something several free apps already do wonderfully? What the heck VNC?

Yep, No way I'm paying $10 when there's free apps out already for this including PocketCloud Free that does VNC AND RDP! They might want to consider lowering the price and maybe get more business.

androidVNC works quite nicely too (and is also FREE). Now if Cisco would just finish their native VPN client for Android...

Yep. I just installed android-vnc-viewer and it works great! Pulled up an xterm/konsole and launched x11vnc on the computer and then connected with android-vnc-viewer on my Evo. Very impressive! And free.

I'm getting fed up with Android Central. A few more of these and I'll stop following it for wasting my time.

Every new app is not news. This was basically a press release, but didn't mention the cost, or that there are many other apps that do the same thing (many free). I hear there is a new flashlight app too!