University of Phoenix

Going to class online is gaining in popularity, and many people rely on online schools like the University of Phoenix for their education. The University of Phoenix realizes many of us use smartphones daily, and they wanted to make things easier for their students, so they have developed an application that is now available on Android. Setting time aside to attend your class is one thing, but trying to keep up with class discussions, grade postsings and all the other jazz that goes with it is where it gets tricky, but this is where the app comes into play with features like:

  • Participate in online classroom discussion forums
  • Draft and post to discussion threads, and reply to your classmates’ posts
  • View, edit and save drafts of your discussion posts
  • View message flags, discussion questions and class announcements
  • Receive real-time alerts when grades are posted
  • Receive real-time alerts when your instructor posts new threads or responds to your messages

If you are currently attending University of Phoenix, or know someone who is, hit the break for download links to get this free application on your Android device today!


Reader comments

University of Phoenix Android app now available


As an online college graduate, I hope this catches on for more online schools. I used my smartphone to participate a lot in my online discussions. This is good for those that are on the go.

Now another way to buy a perfectly useless "degree." Sure, let a prospective employer know that this is the best you could do.

No college degree, yet I have an awesome job (ad agency) earning 150k+/year.

Don't knock how others obtain their education; whether they choose to attend Ivy, Community, Online, or Self-Taught (myself), that's their business.

Because where you go to obtain knowledge doesn't matters...but how you apply the knowledge you've obtained does.

Not all online colleges are created equal. There are a lot diploma mills out there that are essentially scams.

What do you mean "where you go to obtain knowledge doesn't matters (sic)".....of course it matters. It doesn't matter if someone has a piece of paper from a diploma mill or a real university degree? You keep that thought my friend. These on-line, for-profit "universities" take advantage of people who don't know any better.

I went to UoP for my Masters in the classroom and online. I can tell you it was the hardest experience I ever had in school. On top of that, the education I earned allowed me to get a very high paying job and the skills needed to progress my career. When the economy went to crap, I was able to be hired at one of the largest IT companies in the US, one that really valued that Masters degree.

To add to that, every one of the teachers I had for the program all worked in the career field they taught and weren't career academics who don't understand how the real world operates. Legal classes were taught by lawyers, project management by actual project managers, entrepreneurship by business owners, and so on.

Just because they are a for-profit institution doesn't make them bad. As a matter of fact, I saved thousands by going there. Unless you actually attended, found the work to be something that was a free pass, and felt they financially ripped you off, don't claim people are being taken advantage of.

Yep. I am working my ass off for my Masters at UoP. Anyone that claims that it is a diploma mill or a rip-off of some kind has NEVER been there. Diploma mills do not have a 13% graduation rate (wouldn't that be an oxymoron?) Most complaints I have seen about UoP come from people that flunked out or never attended. Imagine that.

UoP is regionally accredited, which makes their degrees worth just as much as any other fancy degree. The degree mills are nationally accredited. Those are worthless.

I don't know about Phoenix, but at lot of the "online schools" actively recruit homeless people to enroll. They say they are "educating them" so they benefit society. What they are actually interested in is the amount of financial aid the homeless are eligible for. The "online school" get taxpayer funded tuition, because most of the time, the person drops out of class/doesn't get a job/can't repay the loans.

This abuse is why Republican's want to strip all federal student loans, instead of enforcing the corruption and abuse of the system.

Now a comment about the ACTUAL application.

I am attending a class right now at UoP. I was excited to get this app as their eCampus website doesn't render well in non-desktop browsers. You can't access your entire class area and when you follow discussions it is easy to lose your place because of the way threads are displayed.

On the upside, it is a great way to access information quickly. I have an Evo 3D and an Iconia Tab and it renders on both. Perhaps in the future they will update the interface for tablets to use the real estate a little better.

That said, it is a really good first effort. I hope they keep working on it. For quick reads I will use it and for more in-depth work Firefox Beta and Dolphin for Tab seem to work OK for the eCampus site.