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New verification system will help tablet and international users have a more secure Twitter account

The official Twitter for Android app has been updated, and version 4.1.4 introduces a new two-step verification process, and a more refined photo search experience. The official change log reads:

Now you can protect your account with login verification in the app. This is a new form of two-factor authentication that you can turn on in your settings and manage through push notifications.
Also in this release:
• Enjoy a new gallery view for photos in search results
• Other bug fixes and improvements

The new login verification works with push notifications, so SMS messages (or even a phone number) are no longer required. This opens things up a bit, and now tablet users as well as international users can have a bit more security on their Twitter account.

The new photo search gallery is accessed by by choosing "view more photos" in the search results, and you'll see a nicely laid out photo grid where you can see more visual, and since we're talking photos, more relevant results. All in all an update you should take if you use the official Twitter app. Grab it at the Google Play link above.

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Reader comments

Twitter app updated with new login security options and photo search gallery


Such a slow news day when I would even read update changelog notices....

Posted via Android Central App

Still no thumbnails for images in the feed, so the default app is unusable and irrelevant to me.

This is exactly what I was coming here to say.


It's not that hard, Twitter! You want us to hate installing any other client, yet you refuse to give us the one feature that everybody and their mom is clamoring for! I would gladly switch to the official app if I could get in-line photos.

Personally, i hate in-line images. I don't want my twitter feed cluttered up with countless images of a plate of food or cats. If I want to see an image, I'll drill down into the tweet.

Just because it's irrelevant to you doesn't mean it't not perfectly fine for others.

Understood. Valid argument. I have made the assumption that it would be a checkbox in the Settings menu, like every other Twitter app I've tried. Then we could both have our cake and eat it.

You're not going to know if an image is worth seeing or not unless you drill into it. It's going to take you more time to read the text of the Tweet before deciding whether or not to click it/move on than it would be to glance at an image of a cat and quickly move your eyes to the Tweet above it.

Anyways, most clients have a way to disable image previews, so it would satisfy the handful of people in the minority who don't find the feature useful.

I had a heck of a time with this. IF you're currently using two step via SMS I'd really recommend turning that off before you enable the app based two step.

Wish they would just use Google Authenticate. Seems like they are spending more time than necessary to build this on their own when there are other free tools available.