OK Google Now, you're getting an update

Motorola has updated the Touchless Control app for the Moto X and Droids Maxx, Ultra and Mini this evening. The change log is short but sweet:

  • New "Find my phone" command that triggers an alarm to make your phone easy to find
  • Improved accessibility access for the visually impaired
  • Bug fixes

Bug fixes are always welcome, any improvement to accessibility for those who need a little assistance is super, and for Moto X users, the Find my phone command is new. You can try that out by saying "OK Google Now, Find my phone." Say it loud across the room for maximum effect.

It's one of those apps that worked as well as advertised, and we hope the update does what it sets out to do without any hidden bugs. Grab it from Google Play via the link above.


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Touchless Control app updated in Google Play


Wouldn't work on anything except the new Motorola devices because the phone has to have the always on listening capability.

Can they really? so why don´t they? acept that this feature is awesome and only the moto x have for now. Even the iphone 5s has a dedicated chip but it cant turn the camera with the screen off or turn on its screen when you pick it up or respond to you with the screen off, just because in theory they can because they have a dedicated chip it does not mean they do, so go back to your s assitant or whathever...

Yeah hope 4.4 makes it part of stock android so the wiz kids can make it work on the G2 as well. :)

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Really? Because you really have to scream like a petulant child just to get it to hear the Ok Google Now part.
It never seems to pick up the find my phone part.

The only saving feature seems to be the default tone it makes when it can't hear any voice.

I´ve tried when it was under my pilow and it is obvious that it will not work, but its useful when its on a desk or when its not covered or even in your car, you just say it loud and it will pick up your voice IF you trained it correctly on a quiet place because most people complaing about their phones not hearing them or starting without them saying ok google now is because they did not followed the correct way to record their voices.

Hopefully it's built-in to KitKat and new devices get it. Don't see why an S4 or HTC 1 that is more powerful than the MotoX couldn't support this.

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I believe Motorola has implemented a low-power chip that runs the always-listening feature (X8?). Powering it with a full blown quad core processor could have detrimental effects on battery life. I could be completely wrong‚ though‚ as this is just off the top of my head.

I have an S4 an the kernel can turn off 3 cores and leave one on at 378mhz. Most modern Android phones do that. They are only giving it to Motorola phones right now as a selling point.

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He's not wrong about cores shutting down. Most multi-core Android phones do that, including the Moto X.

He is wrong about directly attributing the core shutoff feature, to how the Moto X functions. It would use more power, as designed and highlighted, below.

"Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at ABI Research comments: “Features like always-on voice commands typically would draw too much current to be practical, but the Moto X accomplishes the task with 4.5mA"

It can probably be done on all Android phones but the key on the Moto X is that it has the extra cpu cores in the hardware so it can *without a major hit on battery life*.

The two greatest extra features of the Moto X, Touchless Control and Active Notifications, should be baked into Android but really cannot because they are both dependent on certain hardware to work.

Yes. I have a hell of a time getting it to recognize my requests to play songs or artists. It's really hit or miss, and most of the time it just does a search. Asking it to play music by Eminem works great. Saying I want to listen to the album Pure Heroin just does a search. I don't know if it's the way I'm wording my commands or if it's Touchless Control or Google Now or what. There are several links in the chain that could be breaking.

That's what I was thinking.... like at a CES keynote. :)

(or better yet, someone doing it on mic from the stage !)

The first couple times I tried this saying "find my phone" all I got was a google search for "find my phone." On Google Play the description for Touchless Control says to say "Find your phone" and that worked for me. Now after numerous tries, I will get an alarm after saying "Find your phone" or "Find my phone" or "Find phone."