T-Mobile just hit us up with some new info regarding the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Here 'tis:

  • Nexus 4: Availability has been expanded to additional retail stores (so call yours to check), and it will be in all stores 'in the coming weeks." It'll be available again at T-Mobile's website starting Jan. 23.
  • Nexus 7: You can now get a 32GB version with a T-Mobile HSPA+ SIM card starting, well, now. Hardware is the same as the "AT&T version" that popped up yesterday, only this one says "T-Mobile" and doesn't come with a $100 credit on your bill. (We're double checking on any data plan requirements and will update.)

We still have absolutely no idea when you'll be able to buy an unlocked Nexus 4 through Google Play. Hopefully availability at T-Mobile's website next week points to general availability, but at this point who the hell knows ...


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T-Mobile now offering the Nexus 7 with SIM through Google Play; Nexus 4 in all retail stores soon


Okay, so can we at this point establish that the issue with Play Store inventory MUST be between LG and Google? Because it seems like everyone else under the sun is able to stock it just fine. Will LG not send them their fair share of units? Does Google want some sort of special unfair deal on them that LG disagrees with? It makes no sense. If it was a simple matter of how many LG can make, we'd have them by now because carriers are apparently getting their hands on them easily with time to put bloatware on.

This is becoming extremely frustrating. Especially considering I actually have $350 to spare for one, and have for quite some time.

Google is almost certainly paying LG less for the units than T-mobile is (just look at the pricing), undoubtedly part of the Nexus branding deal. As such, if I was LG I would be pushing units at T-Mobile ahead of Google.
I would also guess that initial demand for these devices far exceeded what Google expected.

Aren't the Nexus 4 on T-Mo suppose to cost more than the play store? I thought I read that a month or so ago.

LG just doesn't have the manufacturing capabilities to produce many devices at once on a mass scale it seems. They seem to stopped making the N 4 for their own phones. Had this been HTC MOTO or Samsung there would not be an issue. LG thinks producing only 400 k devices is ok. At this rate by the time the New Nexus comes out in 4 months they will have only made 900 k, compared to the Millions produced by Samsung.

I just Hope Google will allow HTC Moto and Samsung to all make a Nexus device this year. It would be nice if all three companies made a Nexus phone once a year and added it to their line up. I'd bet the pure android would probably sell as much or out sell their own top phones.

Well, you have to consider that other retailers may be able to keep N4s in stock because no one is willing to pay 550 bucks for something that goes for 350 in the Play Store. Or to sign a contract on a phone that was designed to be contract free.

This makes more sense than LG getting more money from Tmo. AFAIK, the extra cost of the Tmo version is all profit for Tmo. Google is likely selling them at cost.

I'll be curious to see what T-Mobile prices the N4 at, have they started their new plan of not subsidizing phones any longer?

Just wanted to answer your questions.

I got my Nexus 4 on December 19th. Ordered it from T-Mobile the week before, was schedule to receive it on the 17th. When I ordered it I was going to pay $250, the subsidized price. However, due to shenanigans on the part of T-Mobile (which I've related here in the comments before), my order was cancelled because the local stores near me had gotten them at stock after I had placed my order. (I was not told this until I called asking where the heck my phone was and why hadn't I received it yet.) After arguing with various customer service reps over the phone (and T-Mobile customer service reps from the 1-800 number, not local store reps) I was guaranteed my refund for said order would be credited to me within the close of business day on the 17th and they would make sure that my local store held at least one Nexus 4 for me, which (shockingly) they did. I picked up my Nexus 4 on the 19th and had a not so nice surprise waiting for me. The Monday of that week T-Mobile had officially done away with subsidizing the cost of phones and I now owed an additional $250 for my phone. (But due to their shenanigans, and the power of bitching on the internet, they aren't holding me to the 2 year contract I agreed to AND lowered my monthly fee so that I have unlimited everything but pay less than $45 for it, including taxes. So I guess you an chalk that up as a win for me, even if it was a huge freaking hassle to get to that point.)

So, to fully answer your question, the Nexus 4 through T-Mobile will cost you $500. But they'll take $250 up front for it and you can pay off the rest in monthly payments. Which they'll allow and you get the benefit of ending up with a cheaper monthly plan while you're paying off the balance of the phone. So it sort of balances out. Even if you do get it on contract with them, which is the only way to get it without having to pay the full $500 up front.

And yeah, they have started their new thing of no longer subsidizing the costs of phones.

T-Mobile has had the device in limited stores since launch, and has already set up its pricing scheme. The phone is $200 on-contract with a Classic Plan or $299 (or maybe $249) w/ installments thereafter on-contract with a Value Plan. You can also just buy it outright and go with Prepaid for $499.

The pricing will be the same now, there are just more stores offering the devices.

Their new move to Value Plans only (no subsidies) starts in April iirc. At that time your only options will be $299 (or $249 w/e) + installments or $499 + prepaid plan.

I thought I heard the nexus 4 from t-mobile didn't have bloatware, it was supposedly exactly the same as from play store. Only difference was you get the 16g for $200 from t-mobile if you sign a contract

I can confirm the Nexus 4 from T-Mobile DOES NOT have bloatware. It is exactly the same as the version being sold through the Play Store. With the sole exception being the cost. However, T-Mobile is only selling the 16 GB version. Or at least that's all they're selling in my area (South Texas).

All of the T-Mobile stores in my city are getting Nexus 4's :D I've called 3 different locations and two are expecting shipment of 10, and one is expecting 16 all this week. they also have the showroom models on display!

I got the n4 through T-Mobile. 550 with 150 down. And then the promotion of the rebate for the down payment. So essentially 400 plus taxes. I also got a family plan since we now needed a 3rd line.

I got the n4 through T-Mobile. 550 with 150 down. And then the promotion of the rebate for the down payment. So essentially 400 plus taxes. I also got a family plan since we now needed a 3rd line.

To all those on Tmobile please don't forget about customer loyalty.

You see i have been with tmobile for 8 years and it was time for an upgrade.

I called and got a deal you wouldn't beleive(let just say i can't put what i paid here for fear of a riot)

If your a good customer - They dont want to loose you.

So call and ask 'what can you do for me?" You may like the answer!

Also what's half of a "C" note? = what i paid!!!