SlingPlayer Mobile – the insanely awesome, innovative, and whimsical TV app for Android is finally out of beta testing and is available in the Android Market for $29.99. You're going to need a Slingbox somewhere, of course, but the app should work on just about any Android phone. Supported Slingboxes are the Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox PRO, or Slingbox PRO-HD. Considering you can access any of your home TV channels via your Android phone, that $30 one-time fee they’re asking seems pretty fair. [Market link]


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SlingPlayer out of beta, available for $30


I tried the link:


I get "There are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com.slingmedia.slingPlayer"

Any chance I am not seeing the app because my phone is rooted and on Android 2.2 OS?

You have to remember that they put development effort into the version on each platform. Selling you the app on one platform then giving you the rest for free would either require them losing money on each sale, or charging you enough to cover development across all platforms.

Personally, I think the price is a little steep, but I get a lot of value out of my Slingbox so I'll pay it.

I tHink it has something with being on 2.2. I am also having the same issue. Can't find the app in the app store.

It has nothing to do with software build/version, if your device is rooted, you will NOT be able to run this Sling media app. Some folks (with rooted devices) have called Sling support, they were told because their devices are rooted, Sling cannot offer any support, the new Sling app will not work on rooted devices.

This is bull. Having a rooted phone has nothing to do with being able to get or run the app. I was running rooted 2.2 on my Nexus One and couldn't download the app from the Market. To get around this, I:

put a rooted 2.1 ROM on the phone
purchased the app from the Market
ran a Titanium backup
put a rooted 2.2 ROM on the phone
restored the Slingplayer app

It was a long way around to get the app, but it was worth it as the app works just fine.

I just don't like that fact that once again I have to spend $30. I used to have an iPhone, I spent $30 to get the app. I no longer have the iPhone, and now have an Android phone, I shouldn't have to pay again.

If you were switching phones with the same OS I'd understand your complaint, but developing an app for Android and for the iPhone is totaly different and requires money for design. It's similar to buying an HD DVD player and then switching to Blu Ray.

This app is amazing and works perfectly. I have only tried it at home on wifi but the quality of video and audio is nearly perfect. About 3 years ago i purchased the mobile version for my windows mobile phone but it was always having problems. This app is awesome on the huge screen of the Moto Droid!!!!

Will this work with DirecTV? And if I have a unit in my house can I go anywhere outside of my home (within the U.S.) and still watch it on my phone (Evo 4G)? Thanks!

It will work on DirecTV, Dish, AppleTV, does not matter. You simply need a slingbox on the Internet. You can then watch your TV from an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

It essentially is a standalone unit that does what a capture card and Orb or other similar software does. It captures the video output, encodes it, and streams it over IP to a phone or browser. I never had a Slingbox but I used to do the same with Orb. Tuner card in my PC picked up TV/cable and Orb let me stream any of my computer's music, movies, or television to my browser or phone. Sling is just another way of doing this that is probably simpler if you don't already have a tuner or capture card.

Its works with DirectTV and its working with my Slingbox AV...even though it states that there is NO SUPPORT (doesnt mean it wont work).. It does pop up and state that my Slingbox is not support but all I do is click on continue and it works...I like saving money :)

Works Great on the HTC EVO over 3G and WIFI.

Thank you Sling and Phil for updating us on this beta release! I've been waiting for this since my G1!!!!

It could use some GFX boost but that will probably come later.
Finally I can watch TV on the go!

I see another member said the Slingbox AV is working. Can someone with a Slingbox "Classic" ( the original slingbox) check and see if it works with the new app. Thanks....

i cant get a straight answer fromling to save my life. i have a windows 7 desktop that i would be routing a slingbox solo to, then using my droid to view at work. does the slingbox work with windows 7? i also have a mac and lappu with xp on it, but i dont leave them on all the time like the desktop, so it would have to be windows 7 compatible.

Slingbox works just fine with Windows 7. I have the sling player installed on a windows 7, 64 bit machine. Also, doesnt matter if you leave your computer on or off at all. The sling box works independently of your computer.

I'm curious as to whether or not it will output via HDMI to your tv. Anyone with an EVO care to try that out?

It does work with a Slingbox Classic...that's what I'm currently using! I have an EVO, by the way...and this screen was made for this!!!

YaDre, thanks for the reply. Do you know what version of firmware you are running on the Slingbox Classic? The reason why I ask is I have 4 Slingbox Classic's at 2 different locations and I think the are using different firmware. I have been waiting for the slingbox app before upgrading to the EVO from my current WM phone.

I'm running the latest 2.2 patch on my T-Mobile Nexus One and am unable to access Slingplayer in the Market.

Switch to Sprint... I had tooOOOOOO many problems with Teen-Mobile + Nexus1.
BTW the EVO is an awesome phone!

The slingbox app is AMAZING!!! A must have for real sports fans! I purchased it last night and it looks phenomonal on my Incredible. I am using it with a Slingbox Pro (the red one). 30 bucks is nothing for me to have live tv everywhere I go, would have paid sooo much more.

Anyone with a Dish Network VIP 922 receiver, I can verify that it works as well. For thoes who don't know, the 922 has a slingbox built into it. I got it setup, and the 922 streams well to my droid through SlingPlayer.

I just ordered the Dish 922 (sling built in). It is being set up tomorrow morning. My question is If I can watch dish on my computer by accessing a computer without sling software why do I need the android software? Either way I should have the hardware put together tomorrow... Can't wait. This is why I bought the EVO.

You can view your 922 from any pc (with a good broadband connection) No need for special software, it uses your internet browser. Slingplayer for android is just so u can view the 922 from your phone, thats it. You don't need one for the other....

Hey, ssedgwick...currently, I'm logging into my job's Slingboxes, so I don't have the firmware information at the moment. I'll check up on that later. I do recommend that you download the app and check yourself. I'm sure you'll be fine, but as you probably know, you can return it if it doesn't work for you. I'm about 99% sure that you'll be all good...they just want you to buy a new one. ;-)

Thank's for checking firmware number. I don't have my EVO yet, that's why I'm asking. I had a Slingbox since the first day they launched. It was great to have access to TV from home while working in Asia (even with the 12 hour difference)...

1st - Id like to say that I have a Slingbox AV and my Motorola Droid works fine.

2nd - My question. Right now I have a Motorola Droid and will soon be getting a Motorola Droid X (keeping the same phone #). Does anyone know if I will have to pay the $30 again or does the activation follow my phone number to the new phone?

Thanks in advance!

AFAIK, the activation should actually follow the Google account you used to purchase it from the Market. I've wiped my Nexus One several times to install new ROMs, and my purchased apps are always available to me once I sign in with my Google account.

I am going to download this app for sure. One question tho, will the Slingbox Solo be good enough or should I opt for the Pro HD? I kno the Pro HD will offer better quality(logic suggests anyway), but will the Solo be good enough? BTW, I am using an EVO. Thanks guys!!!!