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Samsung has sent emails to customers informing them that the company plans to shut down its Video and Media Hub on August 1. This news comes as Samsung has already pulled the plug on its Music Hub service.

Samsung was vague about why this decision was made, saying only that the company will now "focus on some exciting new video products." The ability to purchase or rent content from the Video and Media Hub has already been disabled and past purchases won't be able to be re-downloaded after August 1, but the video player can still be used for content that's already downloaded and stored on a device.

For users who still have downloaded content from the hub, Samsung is recommending those videos be transferred to the M-GO service. The email stated:

All Samsung Video and Media Hub customers who transfer their account to M-GO will receive the benefit of an exclusive Welcome Offer valued at up to $13. By transferring your Samsung Video and Media Hub content to M-GO, you will be able to access your previously purchased videos from M-GO's library at no additional cost. Once content is transferred, you will no longer be able to re-download content you purchased from Samsung Video or Media Hub.

A full FAQ on the Samsung Video and Media Hub shutdown is available from the company's website

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Samsung to shut down its Video and Media Hub August 1


Hopefully they will spend a update to remove the apps from our devices

Posted via Android Central App

everything that is duplicated, I agree without a doubt.

Features on the phone are not what I hope we are talking about...

I think jd914 may be referring to some of the additional useless Samsung Touchwiz bloat 'features' that can't be removed including Heart Rate Monitor, S Health, S Finder, S Voice, as well as veteran features like Air View, Smart stay, and Easy mode to name a few.

A majority of Samsung Galaxy users do not know how to nor care to use these useless features.

With the exception of S-Voice (and maybe S-Finder) none of those are bloat though. They are features that people want and use. We just finished that health month, how many were talking about an easy heart rate monitor? How about an app to track Health things? I have yet to find a proprietary browser (they all have a webkit browser), they all have a separate gallery, Air view like features are on several other phones, easy mode is on several phones.

Smart Stay can go or stay, it is rather hit or miss.

Well you got one right there Jimbo and that is a huge step up for you. Usually you get it all wrong. Good try!

Agreed. It's annoying and cheap tactic to try getting us to use their apps. When it's actually the other way around!

Posted via Samsung Note 3

As long as the gelatin is not swine based I love gelatin.
And why do you guys use jello (the brand) and gelatin(the product) interchangeable?

Posted via Android Central App

Why am I not surprised. Samsung needs to realize all their Apps do nothing but bloat.

If they actually remove all these now defunct apps, maybe they could finally get KitKat on the I9300 S3. In fact, maybe that's the plan! They do love us after all.....

Posted via Android Central App

I have quite a few movies and shows on my hub account and decided to transfer over to the new service. unfortunately NONE of my videos were able to be carried over, totally wasn't worth the move.

I purchased TV shows from the hub because Samsung gave me a $50 credit. Now NOT ONE OF MY VIDEOS are transferring over. What bull crap.

Posted via Android Central App

I have the same problem. I purchased 2 seasons of Tales from the Crypt and a Spongebob movie and the M - Go service didn't have any of them. They said if they didn't have them in 60 days they'd give me a $39 credit... yay!

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I have a feeling there is a big agreement, that goes beyond patents, between the two we do not know about

That's a very welcome development.
They also need to delete SVoice and S translate.
They shouldn't be bundling such worthless apps and services that are clearly inferior to what already exists in Android

About time if you ask me....we just better be able to uninstall all this useless crap when they stop it....

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