Samsung Continuum

Samsung's wasting no time with its dual-screen Continuum, releasing the source code just days after the phone became available. Again, unless you're the modding type (as in someone who pieces together the code), you're not going to get much out of this. But if you're looking to make a custom ROM for the Continuum, this is the place to start. Hit the source link and search for SCH-I400. [Samsung Open Source Release Center]


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Samsung releases Continuum source code


dear samsung
where the *#&@*@ is the android 2.2. update for captivate?
how could you possibly make such a mess of this?

And this is why I bought a Nexus One with vanilla android which is still updated faster than any new phone released today. I wish more people would support vanilla android handsets.

i love the samsung clock/weather widget shown on the screen it available for the original droid? its probably part of touchwhiz(or whatever samsung calls their U/I)but i'd love to have it(the widget) for my droid