Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept

Only just a few days ago Virgin Mobile announced via Facebook that it  soon would offer the Samsung Intercept as its first Android device. Virgin didn't drop any dates, but apparently it's showing up in Target stores, priced at $249.99. Target is pretty good with its pre-paid sales -- keep an eye on those Sunday ads, people. Be sure to head on over the the forums to see what people think about the phone. [Submitted via the Android Central App]


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Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept spotted at Target


This is really exciting. We are really starting to see Android get on prepaid plans more and more. I currently have a Capivate in a line with a family plan and I love it. But in a couple of years, as a college student, prepaid is a serious choice. But, I don't want to give up Google Voice and use a non-Android phone as well. I don't think I will have to!

Really nice! :-)

I'm betting the "Locked Merchandise" tag refers to equally to both Target's security and Virgin Mobile's lockdown. ;-)

Totally agree, Emmanuel. Android is definitely getting its paws on every corner of the consumer market...and it's a beautiful thing.

In other news: jcydon - want a cookie?!

LOL I just about lost it in a meeting when I read that. I've never understood the pointless obsession about being "first".

The more carriers, both pay as you go and contract, that start selling mid to high range Android phones the better. Gradually the market for cheap crap phones will hopefully dry up and continue to foster innovation and price cuts in that mid to high range.

$250 for a mid-range phone w/o contract actually sounds like a pretty good deal to me... Granted I don't have a problem w/contracts myself ('specially now that I'm w/Sprint and I can upgrade every 12 months anyway), but that price is pretty reasonable. The Intercept is the Moment's replacement isn't it? Any comparable smartphone would run you upwards of $400 w/most carriers. This is gonna be Nokia's death knell before long (unless you actually think MeeGo is going anywhere!).

Heck, at that price a lot of people I know would even consider picking it up as a secondary or development phone... If only it was a GSM carrier/phone, there'd be an even bigger market for it (Verizon/Sprint customers who want an Android phone out of contract to travel with).

I picked up the phone yesterday at Target and got a $20 gift card with my purchase. The phone does seem a little "laggy" but for a $250 phone, I'm not complaining and for unlimited internet and text and 1200 minutes each month for $40. It fits my budget. It's nice to be back in Android land...