Samsung Infuse update

It's not the Gingerbread update many have been waiting for, but AT&T has started rolling out a small 8MB OTA update for the Samsung Infuse 4G.  We're on the lookout for the official changelog, but the biggest thing we can see is an updated baseband.  After the OTA you'll have:

  • Firmware 2.2.1
  • Baseband I997UCKE3
  • Build number FROYO.UCKE3

There are other small changes to a few system files, which should be expected any time we see an OTA update, no matter how minor it is.  We'll keep digging, and update once we find the full details.

Thanks, Brian!

Update: AT&T let us know that part of the update was to address a small issue involving Email sync with Exchange 2003 servers.  Nice to see business users getting taken care of quickly.


Reader comments

Samsung Infuse maintenance update rolling out [update]


My WiFi strength seems to be better after the update not sure if its just coincidence or if they changed something. I will have to wait till I get the phone home where my WiFi has been lackluster.

My phone says 1997UCKD5 for baseband and FROYO.UCKD5 for build, and says there is no new version available..

Same here. Do we get notified when the update is available or does it get pushed automatically to the phone?