Samsung and AT&T just let us play with their newly re-announced Samsung Infuse 4G. The Android smartphone is coming May 15 for $199 on contract. The super thin phone made its debut this evening at an event here in New York City hosted by Sammy and AT&T. 

After pushing through some people and enjoying some Cinco de Mayo drinks, we were able to spend a few minutes with the 4.5 screen and its zippy 1.2 GHz processor. Click above to watch the other Anndrew -- not this Andrew -- work through the device. For our written hands-on review, click here.


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Samsung Infuse 4G video hands-on


Looks very good in the hand actually.... Will definately check it out at ATT store... does anyone know how much it will be with no commitement price?

I agree... I'll do it for free!!! this guy called the power button a "dedicated camera button" wow... horrible hands on...

It definitely didn't sound right to me when he said "dedicated camera button" but I figured maybe they added it lol then I noticed he didn't mention a power button, so I knew he was wrong lol

Ummm, Me too, I ummmm will review the ummmm phone and probably ummm not ummmm get the ummm power ummmm but-ummm-ton ummm con-umm-fus-ummm-ed. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Speech class please sir.


He was fumbling his way through that review for sure.

Here's a tip for Andrew:
You don't have to dig through the apps drawer to find the video camera. Just launch the camera and then switch to video mode.

The buttons on all of the galaxy s's that I used weren't as responsive as they should be. As soon as I got the Inspire I noticed an immediate improvement.

Seems to me that Samsung is releasing a 2.2 phones when 2.3 is available...they have really learned from their mistakes... oh wait...

Uh, I think, uh, the reviewer, uh needs to, uh, practice more, uh, and be familiar, uh, with the phone, uh, before the hands on.

The phone looks great. Starting to wonder though how much bigger these smartphones are going to get. Don't get me wrong, I like watching videos and playing games on big screens, but these phone sizes are beginning to go over that comfortable threshold.

I think their getting to be just about perfect.. at least for us bigger guys! I guess it's all about perspective.

this guy is a fucking moron, the phone is barely bigger than the thunderbolt, he makes it sound like its WAY bigger... dumbass

It sounded like they held a gun to the head of a random guy off the street and made him do a review of the device. I really wish he tried the camera only to lock it every time he pressed the "dedicated camera button".

This is coming from a former Captivate and a Current Galaxy Tab owner.

TouchWiz sucks and that phone looks like it's just a bigger Captivate.

Man, that screen is sweet. I wish they were putting it on the SGS2. Although, I think that my ideal screen size would be 4.7 inches.