Samsung and AT&T just let us play with their newly re-announced Samsung Infuse 4G. The Android smartphone is coming May 15 for $199 on contract. The super thin phone made its debut this evening at an event here in New York City hosted by Sammy and AT&T. 

After pushing through some people and enjoying some Cinco de Mayo drinks, we were able to spend a few minutes with the 4.5 screen and its zippy 1.2 GHz processor. Click above to watch the other Anndrew -- not this Andrew -- work through the device. For our written hands-on review, click here.

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dalvik says:

Looks very good in the hand actually.... Will definately check it out at ATT store... does anyone know how much it will be with no commitement price?

Ryu78 says:

I agree... I'll do it for free!!! this guy called the power button a "dedicated camera button" wow... horrible hands on...

hail2030#AC says:

It definitely didn't sound right to me when he said "dedicated camera button" but I figured maybe they added it lol then I noticed he didn't mention a power button, so I knew he was wrong lol

menzoom says:

Ummm, Me too, I ummmm will review the ummmm phone and probably ummm not ummmm get the ummm power ummmm but-ummm-ton ummm con-umm-fus-ummm-ed. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Speech class please sir.

tailsthecat3 says:

jesus christ. whatever youre paying him, ill do it three times as well for one third the cost. #amatuerhour

netposer says:


He was fumbling his way through that review for sure.

Here's a tip for Andrew:
You don't have to dig through the apps drawer to find the video camera. Just launch the camera and then switch to video mode.

drummer07 says:

Are the touch sensitive buttons any better? That was one of my complaints with the captivate.

zacisblack says:

What's supposed to be better about it? My Fascinate capacitive buttons are perfectly fine.

drummer07 says:

The buttons on all of the galaxy s's that I used weren't as responsive as they should be. As soon as I got the Inspire I noticed an immediate improvement.

monels11 says:

Are we assuming this will get 2.3 and touchwiz 4.0?

gtg465x says:

It will get Gingerbread, but not TouchWiz 4. TW4 is only for the Galaxy S II.

PortareAF says:

Seems to me that Samsung is releasing a 2.2 phones when 2.3 is available...they have really learned from their mistakes... oh wait...

s14tat says:

What phones are htc and moto launching with gingerbread smarty paints? Oh wait.............

flashpiti says:

Uh, I think, uh, the reviewer, uh needs to, uh, practice more, uh, and be familiar, uh, with the phone, uh, before the hands on.

GQ50 says:


Where's Phil..? No homo, but no one does it like Phil or Jerry..

The phone looks great. Starting to wonder though how much bigger these smartphones are going to get. Don't get me wrong, I like watching videos and playing games on big screens, but these phone sizes are beginning to go over that comfortable threshold.

jayty97 says:

I think their getting to be just about perfect.. at least for us bigger guys! I guess it's all about perspective.

Dramer77 says:

this guy is a fucking moron, the phone is barely bigger than the thunderbolt, he makes it sound like its WAY bigger... dumbass

jayty97 says:

It sounded like they held a gun to the head of a random guy off the street and made him do a review of the device. I really wish he tried the camera only to lock it every time he pressed the "dedicated camera button".

jayty97 says:

I want my 5:27 back...... useless...

netposer says:

This is coming from a former Captivate and a Current Galaxy Tab owner.

TouchWiz sucks and that phone looks like it's just a bigger Captivate.

Nate Rules says:

Man, that screen is sweet. I wish they were putting it on the SGS2. Although, I think that my ideal screen size would be 4.7 inches.