Samsung Gear Live splayed open in tear down that reveals its deepest, darkest secrets

The folks at iFixit have taken apart the brand new Android Wear-powered Samsung Gear Live, and unsurprisingly the small wearable device contains small electronic components. Even though the Gear Live has a lot visually in-common with the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2, inside it's pretty much a different device. Interestingly, however, was the discovery that the Gear Live includes a radio chip with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, even though Android Wear only uses Bluetooth to connect to the host smartphone.

Apart from that there aren't really any surprises going on inside the Gear Live. It has a little motherboard, a little battery, and a little heart rate sensor, along with the requisite ports and motion sensors required to do its thing. For so small of a gadget, the Gear Live does at least appear to be rather repairable, with iFixit rating it an 8-out-of-10.

If you want to see more of what's inside, hit up the source link below.

Source: iFixit


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Samsung Gear Live splayed open in teardown that reveals its deepest, darkest secrets


That's a good feature. This could probably run full Android fairly well. Can't wait to see that happen. Might even convince me to buy.

Expect for the small fact that it does support Bluetooth and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both run on the same frequency which means they will share the same antenna.

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They said the same thing about the non-active LTE chip in the Nexus 4 and we all know what happened there. Anything is possible.

It does have a wifi antenna, and that how it differentiates from the lG watch, as they both have the same chip

. "Hey, what's this? A Bluetooth / Wi-Fi antenna? This thing isn't supposed to have Wi-Fi! We don't know if Samsung is hiding anything for the future, but we are quite adept at reading cable inscriptions"