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Corning today announced that its Gorilla Glass -- an ultra durable alkali-aluminosilicate that can withstand the most uber of scratches – is engineered into all Samsung Galaxy S phones. The company even goes as far to say that its product enhances the performance of the already eye-popping brilliant Super AMOLED display. Now, it’s understood that the Gorilla Glass doesn’t make the screen brighter or crisper, but it certainly does add to the phone’s premium feature set by giving that beautiful screen some much needed protection. All in all, that Super AMOLED screen isn’t as fragile as you might think, and this could definitely be seen as another reason to choose Samsung’s gem over the competition. [via Business Wire]


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Samsung Galaxy S and Gorilla Glass combine powers


its sweet, cause now you can really say that epic 4g is worth the $$$$$$, and does not jus have an amoled screen but it also has a better build quality too!

Finally a mention of screens. I've been dying to know the screen type of the various Android phones. I think Screen Type should be part of every phone specifications, but its not.

I have a Sprint HTC Hero that has an oleophobic screen. As far as I know, only the iPhone from the 3G on and the HTC Hero have oleophobic screens. oleophobic + Gorilla glass would be GREAT.

My Hero's screen wipes perfectly clean with the palm of my hands. Buff it with my shirt a little and its purrrfect. Those of you Hero owners know what I mean.

I wish all the new phones are oleophobic AND Gorilla glass screens.

oleophobic screen:

Actually, your Hero doesn't have oleophobic glass. It has an oleophobic coating on the glass. As do most (if not all) high end smartphones, especially ones that have Gorilla glass. Many smartphones use the Gorilla glass + oleophobic coating combo these days, including most (if not all) of the Motorola Android phones, which includes my original Droid 1. Corning has quite the hit w/ its Gorilla glass.

You're right, the Hero (and iPhones) have an oleophobic coating. Not glass, and I didn't mean to infer that it had oleophobic glass.

Regardless, both Sprint and Apple advertised, touted and mentioned that the Hero and iPhones (and iPad) have an oleophobic screen coating. Whereas there’s never been any mention of any oleophobic screen on any other device I've ever seen. Therefore any understanding of any oleophobic coating on any other phone is purely based on assumption because it was never officially mentioned by its manufacturer or carrier (including Motorola and all its Android phones).

This Gorilla glass thing is all new and just starting to come out and I'm all for it.

I'm done with screen protectors ;)

whoaaaaaa, hold da phone, are they saying dat all galaxy s phones have gorilla glass in dem, even the epic, now dats epic! oh yea, first!

Wondering if I should ditch my scratched to hell invisible shield and all its air bubbles. Seems like cheap insurance but can't stand looking at it.

totally thinking the same thing... didnt take off the original atnt screen protector for a week...afraid of scratching the screen... staring at "TEXTING AND DRIVING....IT CAN WAIT" for a week was painful. and now i know i could have taken it off right away =/

Oh man! i tested the Sam galaxy today on T mobile and Didn't impress me at all, overall feels slow compared to the Dinc. though was better phone.

Slower than a Dinc? Naw. Must have been some Shovel-ware that TMO put on the phone because the sammies are snappy as all getout.

This Galaxy line has the potential of bing the iPhone killer we always hear about. Is everwhere. Its solid. It performs well. Its a world phone (by some extended definitions of the term). And its open.

No video, but when I was getting mine activated the Source rep offered me a set of keys and her personal Galaxy S Vibrant and invited me to have a go at the screen. I refused but then watched her take the keys to that screen with the vim and vigor of a fat kid going for a sundae. Not a scratch. Nada. She was even stabbing at it with considerable force.

Yeah, the last phone I had was a Gorilla Glass equipped model too... The phone landed on the corner after a 3ft drop from my hip pocket while sitting down. It cracked and split even though it had a body glove case over it. Although the screen still worked, it was ruined. First insurance claim I've ever made.

I don't think gorilla glass withstands drops but it does withstand scratches. I'm still going to buy a case for my epic but I don't think a screen protector will be needed

Why do they announce this until today? Do we have a 1st generation and a 2nd generation Galaxy S? Weird...

Anyway, if all Galaxy S have it, this means that Sprint pushed Samsung to make this announcement...pretty smart.

And what's a Dinc?

Deaaammmm. That is seriously tough glass. Looks like I just blew $30 on zaggzkins for mine and the wifes. Oh well!

Yet another reason to love the Galaxy S. Sneaky, actually. Normally, you'd see phone manufacturers advertising the bejeezus out of every feature they've got on their phones. It says a lot about Samsung in general.

Maybe call it resistant? I have to hold the phone at an angle to see any prints. For me, looking straight on I really don't see any. I still wipe it down tho out of habit.

I am gutted I have a scratch at the to on my screen. I can just about see it. It comes down through the notification bar.

I saw the scratch test before I got my GS Vibrant so didn't bother with a screen protector. It says right on the box that the screen is scratch resistant and smudge resistant. Only notice smudges when the screen is off and they are minimal. Wipe right off with my shirt.

I would only get a case to add some grip to the glossy body unless they put out a "grippy" battery cover. Always feels like it's going slip out of my hands. Would not recommend drinking and texting with this phone.

I still gotta at&t screen protector. Why not? Would you still get insurance ona Saturn even though they are "dent proof"?!

It's good to hear that they are equipped with gorilla glass. It definitely makes the phone more interesting. I don't know what my EVO screen is made from, but it has been baked for a while and not a scratch on it anywhere.

Lies! Thers a small but utterly annoying scratch on my screen. And now its even more annoying to know that my phone has gorilla glass, and its still scratched!