Samsung Epic 4G

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread leaks for the Samsung Epic 4G have been plentiful in the past and now, we have yet another to add to that list. EH06 has now leaked out and while the verdict is still out on how well it runs, the fact it's now available means we should start seeing some feedback soon.  Paul627g brought us the news via our forums from Samfirmware, so if you're looking for the download or have some feedback to share on just how well this build really is, you know what to do. Drop some comments here or in the Android Central forums to help others out with deciding to load it or not.

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Samsung Epic 4G sees yet another Gingerbread leak with build EH06


So wait a minute, the epic hasn't received an official gingerbread update as yet? I thought it did already, guess I was wrong.

So where are the people that said Epic would def get GB in July? My Epic has a 2.5 weeks left before I go Photon, didn't expect to see it before upgrade time. Read before I got it that Samsung doesn't support their devices, had to learn first hand.

Of course, now that I finally (just this morning) installed the leaked EG22 ROM. I guess I'll keep my ear to the ground on EH06 to see if it's worth the trouble.

So far, it seems a lot snappier. The only bug I've found is that the scrolling in the browser isn't working right. If you hold your finger down and scroll, the page stays put until you let go.

The browser scroll issue is a bug in the deodex version of the OS. (The ones that are tinkered with before the end user installs it). If you get the origional leaked copy, it works just fine.

Over 2.2.1, it's faster, better battery life, and overall just feels smoother to run.

The battery life seems better so far, too. That will be a biggie for me. I seem to kill my battery quickly, so it'll be nice to have some increased performance there.

...I could care less. I'm gettn the GALAXY S2 as soon as its released on SPRINT...YEEEEAAAAHHHH.

U know wut, the final build better be dam near perfect with all these builds......Although Samsung would take MONTHS to test the update and the final build is still crap.....typical Sammy...never again will I get a samsung phone.

I'd jump on the root bandwagon if I knew it would fix my 4 g modem issue that I had since I bought these 2 Epics over a month ago and have not had 4 g working yet. Or is it possible to upgrade the modem without routing?

idk why ppl install things with bugs in it..its like flying a plane with a faulty doesnt look like the epic 4g will never get an OFFICIAL update for gingerbread..because the icecream sandwich is here already