Samsung Continuum Pricing

We know just about everything there is to know about the Samsung Continuum -- we brought you the first full hands-on and first video preview, there's also the launch date -- and now, finally, pricing. The dual-screen Android smartphone will cost $199.99 after two-year contract and rebate. (Update: That confirms Engadget's earlier report) That goes up to $269 after rebate and a one-year deal (that's not bad at all!) and $579 outright.

Now all we need is the phone to, you know, actually be announced. And that's going to happen Monday.


Reader comments

Samsung Continuum $199 after contract, rebate


I am not sure with this new dual screen concept.

Why do we want that? I cannot think myself need it.

If I want to check something, I will just turn the screen on. It is now a reflect on my body, a natural gesture connected with my mind.

This is just plain ugly, not necessary, and cost more.

Instead of putting resources to research something like this, battery technology would be much much more important.

i agree. i really dont see myself needing it either. I would prefer battery lasting like 2 days before having to charge it again. but u'll never know, this whole ticker thing might catch on and be the next big thing.

Actually, when replacing my DInc today (my last one's screen shattered) the manager showed me the Continuum. I played with it a bit, and he told me it was coming Thursday. Just to let you know.

Seems to have a small screen, though high quality. If it's your thing, go for it. Personally, though, I'll stick with my DInc.