With the introduction of the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung launched its first SoC based on the 20nm manufacturing process, the octa-core Exynos 5430. The reduction in die size makes the SoC much more efficient, with Samsung claiming a decrease in power consumption by as much as 25 percent less when compared to current-generation SoCs manufactured using a 28nm process.

On the CPU side of the things, the Exynos 5430 features the same quad-core Cortex A15/quad-core Cortex A7 configuration used by Samsung in earlier Exynos octa-core processors. This time around, the Cortex A15 cores are clocked at 1.8GHz with the Cortex A7 cores at 1.3GHz. The Mali T628MP6 GPU used on the Exynos 5430 is same as that on the Exynos 5422, but comes with a slight increase in frequency to 600MHz from 533MHz.

The also supports big.LITTLE HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing), which means that all eight cores can be active at the same time. As for display resolutions, the SoC can easily handle WQHD (2560×1440) and WQXGA (2560×1600). Another new feature is a dedicated Cortex A5 processor for audio decoding, which Samsung calls "Seiren", a Multi Format Codec and a HEVC (H.265) hardware decoder along with dual ISPs.

With the Exynos 5430 signifying Samsung's shift to a 20nm manufacturing process, it is possible that the processor heavily rumored to be featured in the Galaxy Note 4, the Exynos 5433, will also be based on a similar manufacturing process. We should have more information at the IFA next month.

Source: Samsung Exynos


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Samsung announces 20nm octa-core Exynos 5430 processor


I thought I read that for the iPhone 6s and/or the 7 apple was going to go back to Samsung

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Apple does not make any component in their products. Manufacturing is 100% outsourced. Apple is just computer design company.

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Apple designs there own chips. Samsung just manufactures them. Apple does not use Samsung chip designs.

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That is true, but if you can make the chips as efficient as possible, even if the screen takes a lot of the battery you'll still see a small increase in battery life.

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But that bezel! And yeah they incrementally made it smaller but it is the same old tired design that we have come to know from Samsung. They really need to do something with it.


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Please explain how this is better than apple's a7. Apple designed a beast of a cpu that has more muscle then almost all socs used in an android device. Yet the thing is clocked at 1.3ghz. The only thing that will be comparable is the k1 Denver chip, and I don't even know if nvidia will be able to reach expectations with it. Check out the single thread chart for geekbench if you want proof.

Hey iSheep. Did i say A7 is inferior to Exynos? I said its impressive compared tk 64bit gimmick because 20nm process gives much better user experience (power consumption?). iSheeps....

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They did design a good chip, it is sad that they have nothing going to take advantage of it.

It was not bad, just a bit of a spec where kinda thing

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Every product I've used with an exynos chip was a horrible user experience
Same can be said of anything with a tegra chip in it.

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It is right now only because nothing takes advantage of it. Its spec whoring until it is actually useful

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Uh, I guess you haven't paid attention. All of the built-in iOS apps take advantage of 64-bit... oh like little used apps like the Camera (and imaging processing), iLife, iWork suites, as well as games such as Infinity Blade. Yeah, just a gimick, lol.

Bring it on to the Android side, can't be soon enough. The core apps from the manufacturer should take advantage making the experience better while the rest of the market eventually recompiles and offers 64bit.

I have the international galaxy alpha g850f version with the exynos 5430 and it blows away any other phone I've owned thus far. And to name few : galaxy s3, s4, and s5. Lg g3. It's very fast and unlike most review, the battery is decent. No worse than the LG G3 battery

Apple makes great phones.....I just like android better. So does that mean that we should hate ea other? ?? Come on. Let's have intellectual convos