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IDC's quarterly research of the tablet market revealed that Samsung and Amazon have done really well lately at the expense of the iPad. As you might expect, Apple still holds about 50% of the tablet market share worldwide, but Samsung is up to 18.4%, and Amazon is up to 9% - significant improvements over 6.5% and nil at the same time last year. By comparison, the iPad claimed 65.5% in Q2 2012, and 59.7% tablet market share in Q3 2011. IDC figures that the tablet market has grown nearly 50% since last year, and grew 6.7% from Q2 2012 to Q3. 

Of course, this data isn't taking into account the iPad 4 and iPad mini, which are likely to show Apple clawing back some market share, though the Nexus 10 will likely give Apple some stiff competition. Windows 8 RT is also an option now, though it's hard to imagine a lot of folks going that route this early on. On paper, it looks like the N10 will beat out the iPad 4, but we all know these devices come down to more than just specs. 

How do you guys see the rest of the year playing out in the tablet space? How much longer will it be before the iPad is in the minority? Will it be able to weather the barrage of Android tablets coming out of the woodwork? Is there any room for a third platform?

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Samsung and Amazon snatch tablet market share from Apple


As I said before it doesn't matter, its just a matter of time before Android over takes iOS. Its Windows/Microsoft all over again with partners putting out junk to quality items and flooding the market. Its just a matter of time before they get the most market share.

Buy the end of the year the new microsoft tablet will take a chunk out of it too. But a lot of people don't know that the new ms tablet doesn't have full windows on it, it is a really scaled down version. And the apple mini is getting horrible reviews. The apple mini has less and same specs than the ipad 2. Personally I think the Samsung Nexus will sell a lot for a 10 inch device at its price.

The near constant focus on market share numbers (in the media in general) seems like a complete waste of time for the tablet market.

Given that Apple basically invented the consumer tablet and thus had most of the market, of course their share will go down as competitive alternatives arrive in force. I mean really, does anyone care about this?

Yes. Quite a few of us do. And when Apple is the minority OS, yet again, I'm sure people will find a way to justify that in their heads.

I expect the ipad mini will be competition with the ipad as much as nexus kindle etc. I'm sure people wanting to go with apple will be going for the cheaper mini option and people wanting a real budget viewer will still go android/kindle for over £100 less.

Hey don't forget the Nexus 7. And when the Nexus 7 HSPA hits in a couple weeks...going to give an even bigger kick.

I fully agree. The Nexus 7 finally has some mindshare going for it, as I am starting to get questions from average consumers now. Between the Nexus 7 3G and the Nexus 10, look for Android to continue it's march to owning the majority of the market. Honestly, the arguments I'm hearing against it are just like what we heard from 2007 to 2009 all over again.

I dont understand. who buys amazon tablet? I believe its all kindle ranges of tablet.

Fire, fire HD and Kindle readers(all size)

hmm.. they said it doesn't include ipad 4 n ipad mini, which means when they r released the market share or apple will again go up. but sooner or later samsung n nexus will catch up wid them. at the end of the day.. apple sells lil premium OS n premium product(retina display, app eco system, etc) at a very premium price, while samsung n google sell products to a more vault friendly price wid reasonable good products.

Innovation is going to win out in the end. The leader in Innovation is easily Samsung. Just look at the recent improvements in their software on the SGS-3 and the NOTE-2. Samsung is just killing it, they will win out in the end. They have just started a new campaign to change their advertising, that is crazy, they spend their money where it counts, they are on every major sporting event, tv shows, anywhere where they can be recognized. Just today they dropped millions of dollars to help the hurricane victims in Statton Island. I believe Apple with their sleazy business practices will end up coming back and biting them in the ass. What goes around comes around. I hear it more and more every day, serious Apple users are just changing to Android or thinking about giving Windows a try. Time will tell. There is no slow down in Android. Innovation, Innovation, Innovation not Litigation wins all the time.

I work in the healthcare field and unfortunately Android is too late here. It will be like the graphic design field, Apple got there first with the best equipment and solidified it's hold on the industry.

Not really. What it comes down to is Apps and if the Apps work cross-platform and particularly if an institution can save a couple hundred dollars per device, they'll shift. As someone who has worked in both fields, healthcare institutions are not as image/style conscious as design firms are. Apple also made a point of pandering to the GD field, something they're not doing with the healthcare sector.

If anything, they're pandering more to the education market, and while I could see Android taking hold in private colleges (outside of Ivy League), primary education will likely keep buying Apple products since it's not their money (gotta spend more to get more!) and most educators are pretty clueless when it comes to technology.