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Anyone into exercising apps will likely have heard of Runtastic. Their portfolio of exercise focused apps is quite, quite excellent combining superb functionality with excellent design. The latest app to join the collection is called Timer. But, it isn't just a stopwatch. 

Timer is customizable to assist you to break down your work outs into sections. You enter the duration you desire for preparation, rest periods and working out, along with the number of repetitions and sets. Timer then counts down through each portion, with the option of voice feedback to notify you when you have reached the end. Voice output currently is available in five languages. Users on Jelly Bean can also take advantage of a notification that contains a pause and stop button as well as a visual countdown clock. 

The app itself is a free download from the Google Play Store, but for a relatively small in-app purchase of £0.85/€0.99 you can create unlimited timers and remove the ads. It's another job well done from the Runtastic team, and we've captured a few in-app screenshots for you after the break.

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Runtastic adds Timer to their app portfolio, not just a stopwatch

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hey, pretty cool post . probably going to wind up downloading that application now . but i had a question for you . i have searched and searched and cannot find the answer . what are the other applications you have in your notification drawer ? besides BatteryGuru, of course .