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Keen to get as many Android applications as possible on board before PlayBook OS 2.0 hits, Research In Motion has put the call out to Android developers everywhere. Get them ready for launch now! 

The world has known for some time now that RIM were planning to include compatibility for Android apps on the Playbook (and forthcoming BlackBerry 10 devices). The current OS 2.0 developer beta has given us a glimpse of what's to come, opening up to sideloading prepared apps onto the tablet. Key to making the whole thing work out is getting Android developers to repackage their apps and submit them to Blackberry App World. For them to be included at launch, the deadline to have apps submitted by is Monday February 6. 

The process of repackaging and signing Android apk files is surprisingly straight forward, so straight forward that even I've been able to repackage a couple. There are 3 different methods, one of which can be done through your internet browser. Not surprisingly RIM are asking that all references to Android and the Android Market are removed from the application and application description before you submit. While it's an Android app you'll be submitting, the process of downloading and installing onto a BlackBerry device is to be as if it were a natively developed application. 

To try and entice developers a little more, RIM's Alec Saunders has gone out on Twitter today promising a free Playbook to all Android developers. All you need to do is submit your Android app to BlackBerry App World before Feb.13 to take advantage of the offer. 


If you're an Android Developer and this sounds like an opportunity for you, hit the source links below for all the information you'll need. 

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog
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RIM tells Android developers to get apps ready, offers PlayBooks to sweeten the deal


So, they trash Android, but are more than willing to piggy-back Android apps. Even then, they have to give away ShitBooks to entice devs to do a simple repackage of an apk. WoW, they are Desperate, with a capital "D."

In what way did they trash android? They said the phones look very similar, which they do. They also said android and ios are ahead of them. Nice try though. Obviously android has a huge app advantage so why wouldn't they use them if they could? Just another moron on this site that doesn't know what they are talking about.

If its been said once, its been said a million times... Hey RIM: Why. Not. Just. Switch. To. Android? Just stick to making your (mostly) good quality qwerty hardware with Android inside. There is virtually no competition there. A VERTICAL slider (aka Torch) with modern specs with Android ICS? I would give that a look and so would probably a million other people. Quit the OS game RIM. Android, iOS and Windows are the last 3 standing... we don't need any more. Pick one (Android and Windows being your only options, and you already obviously deem Android a good choice)and knock this crap off.

I knew two people with Windows Phone. One was a General Manager who used it as a mobile computing station, and the other was a normal Joe.
Its sad to say the GM thought Android had to much entertainment value to be considered useful. And the normal Joe started crying when he realized my Android was superiorly speced and didn't need an Xbox to be fun.

Case and point, if its not Android, its an iOS clone.

WebOS should have adopted this as a strategy. Let it's OS reside on other Hardware. Android has it right and they're still here. It's a shame some companies get so Greedy that they let themselves get in their own way.


Rim needs to hop off android Di** and if they want to use our apps how about give us bbm or there is no deal

This means I have 10 days to dust off my programming skills, write a (simple) app, and submit to RIM to get a free Playbook (which I would promptly hack and install android on).

I feel like an evil genius.