Well-known developer Noodlecake Studios is bringing the hilariously fun running game QWOP to the Google Play Store. Following up on its long-time success as a web game and more recently an iOS title, QWOP will hit Android with a full set of features including different game modes, leader boards and group competitions. If you're not familiar with the game, QWOP got its start as a running simulation game on the web that used the Q, W, O and P keys (get it?) on the keyboard to control a runner. It sounds easy, but in practice is hilariously hard to master. The game transitions the controls slightly to fit onto the mobile space, using the device's accelerometer to control the player's leaning, and two touch pads on-screen to control the legs.

The new Android version is also fully integrated with Google Play Game Services, meaning that you can link your Google+ account to the game to track achievements, leader boards and get group games going. You will get to test your skills at 100m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Steeplechase and the 50km Walk -- but don't expect to get too far without some serious practice. You can give the game a try on the web at the link below, or wait for the game to go live tomorrow for $0.99.

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Reader comments

Ridiculously hard running simulation game 'QWOP' lands on Google Play for $0.99


Played the online version first.

Thankfully, I saved a buck. This is worse than Super Hexagon. Just impossible and irritating.

I've got a great idea for a running game: It uses the sensors to detect that you're moving, and it moves you in the game. IE, you've got to run to play the game.

(Guess you could cheat and ride a bike, or drive a car. This maybe could actually go somewhere. If anyone wants to try it, if it doesn't already exist, you can have the idea for free. Although it would be nice if you gave me a copy of the game since I gave you the idea.)

So you basically want me to pay a buck for a game that will make me throw my phone against the wall within ten minutes out of frustration? ^^

Nobody buys this game on iOS anymore. And now, two years later, they released for Android. Not deserve to be bought for any Android user. Android users deserve more respect. Fuck this game.

Lol wow lots of frustrated QWOPers on the internets today. Just a game guys, don't buy it if you suck at it. I suck at it, but I'll probably buy it, just cause it's hilarious in my opinion.