Samsung Unpacked

In case you've been living under a rock the past couple weeks, Samsung's throwing a little party on Thursday night in Times Square, and we're here in New York to partake in the festivities. That giant "4" in the middle of all the signage isn't an accident, of course, and we're all expecting to see the Galaxy S4 be unveiled.

So be sure to be around at 7 p.m. EDT (that's 4 p.m. on the left coast) for the Android Central Galaxy S4 liveblog, Samsung's live stream, and the mountain of stories that are sure to come out of it.


Reader comments

We're live from Samsung Unpacked tonight!


That's what i was just thinking before i read your post. I know they had that article about the 4 is in 3D so it'll have a 3D camera.

But yah i'm thinking its the metal rim as well.

Ohhh yeah Phil,. . .like we need a reminder, lol!!!
I'm counting down, 24h11m's!!!

C'mon Samsung! 64GB S4 THIS TIME please!

I am going to be watching this! There is so much hype for this thing, that I am quite excited to see how the actual product will look.

Man I'll still be at work!

I still have a hunch that the "leak" is either a prototype or just a complete mislead. Not too far fetched since we saw this with the S3.

Does anyone know if i will be able to watch the youtube live stream on my xbox? i'd like to watch this thing on my big screen tv and would prefer not to have to watch it on my desktop or tablet.