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The Google Play Store has quite stealthily started showing "Recommended for You" sections today. Tapping into the recommendation area (found inside Apps, Music, Magazines, etc.) you'll see a list of apps based on a factors described within each entry. For example if you're recommended a camera app, it may say that the app is popular with users of another camera app which you've purchased previously. Other recommendations come from the nondescript "popular with similar users", "+1'd by your friends" and "popular in your area". The exact metrics for recommendations aren't known, but if we had to guess we'd say Google has a pretty sophisticated algorithm working on this.

Thankfully, you can help Google define what you'd like to see in your recommended list by hitting the hide button on any app that you'd prefer not to see from that point out. It's yet to be seen whether or not that will permanently hide the recommendation forever or if it'll come back eventually, but it's nice to know what you can influence the selections a little bit. What it all comes down to is increasing app discovery, which is a good thing. There are a ton of really great apps out there in the Play Store that just don't get enough attention.

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'Recommended for You' section shows up in Google Play


How do I tip AC? because i saw this yesterday but didn't know how to tip AC.
so i just created a topic in the forum.

The first 50 apps in this section, for me, are for local news stations or university's on the other side of the state.

I'm in Tampa and it's showing news stations for Miami. I expect better from Google.

I just saw this today and thought to myself, "Huh, never noticed that before!" I guess theres a reason why I hadn't.

And yes, I did download a couple of the recommended apps; was nice to find out they were available.

Why don't they have a page for My apps that will show you your purchased apps? I know the 'All' pages shows them, but it also shows all the apps that I have installed on my Google account, which I don't want!

It's good to see a function like this for the Play Store. I hope it'll point me in the direction of some useful apps. I can reward the best ones with some money.

I am happy that something like this has what i would really like is a way to get rid of the apps i have tried that i did not keep from my list of apps. That way when i get a new device or i change roms i don't have to sort through the list to find what i liked and kept on my phone and what i did not and uninstalled.

"recommended" was nice last week. This week it's full of recommending teen vampire romance and teenie pop music. Methinks they seriously need to fix their recommendations!

Would be great to be able to remove books, music and movies completely too!!

The recommendations are horrible!!!!!!!!
Country based recommendations? really? I know there are lot of horny guys in my country installing crappy apps. that doesn't mean it has to show up on google play's home page for everybody in this country!. it's so embarrassing to unwittingly open google play on my work PC and the 'recommended for you' section has all the porn kind of apps (and the icons are huge!!!)! i mean come on! not everybody uses their phone for porn.

This is one time where google's algorithm has gone wrong