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With Spring Training having just started, it's time for Major League Baseball fans to gear up and figure out how they will be able to keep up to date with their favorite team while on the go. We've got an answer to that: MLB Advanced Media L.P. has brought At Bat 2010 out of beta, and in the nick of time. Check out more information as well as pictures after the break.

Yes, the application is $14.99. But the features, the look and feel and the ability to pick your favorite team in the application make it well worth every dollar.

When you first open the application, you see the scoreboard, which shows who your team is playing, the score of the game, as well as how far into the game they are. You can use the arrows on this screen to view future games, as well as look at the scores from the previous days. From here you can navigate to standings, audio, videos, news, preferences or more. These options are pretty self-explanatory.

The features I found to be most surprising were the audio and video features. These areas include highlights from throughout the day, so you don't have to fear having missed that walk off home run, or game winning strike out.

If you are an avid MLB fan, and like to keep current on what is happening throughout the day and season, this application is a must-have for you. More screen shots after the break.

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Reader comments

Android Quick App: MLB At Bat 2010


All it needs now is the ability to stream video, MLB.COM subscribers. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. I'm also disappointed to see that the Mariners lost to the Giants today, but it is just spring training.

I can't find this application? Is it still not released yet? My Rox play tomorrow! I know its just spring training, but man I am excited for some baseball!

Yea.. did a search for MLB at bat... No matches found :-( Is this not for all android devices? I have the MT3G+

I'm also not seeing it in the market when I search MLB. I also tried a barcode found on another site and it showed no match in the market. I own a sprint hero which has been rooted and running 1.6

I'm glad to hear its in the market for someone with a hero. I'll go back to a 1.5 rom and see if it appears. I guess its possible although I read that audio would work best on 2.0 and up. Plus most apps which work on the Moto Droid work on 1.6.

Edit: Thanks for the tip. I flashed a 1.5 rom Gumbo 1.5b and then it appears. It may be someething to do with copy protected apps.


I have a hero as well and this app isn't appearing in the marketplace for me, either. I don't know what version of Android I'm running... how do I switch to a 1.5 rom like you did?


Any one know why the videos wont run? This app needs to have video for 14.95. Using Sprint Hero non rooted and a measly 1.5

Will it allow you to listen to games from the app like the BB one does? Is it working on OS 2.0.1 anyone?

By purchasing this app, are you effectively purchasing a Gameday Audio package from It looks great, but if I can't also stream audio broadcasts from my computer it would be like paying twice for the same service.

FYI I and many others have purchased this app and it's completely buggy. It drops out constantly and you have to restart the gameday audio at least a dozen times. There is ZERO support as well. I sent a few e-mails yesterday asking about specifics as to when they would fix the bugs, when an update would be released etc. I got a copy / paste response that was from the apps trouble shooting page to begin with. That troubleshoot page suggests switching from 3G to wifi and vice versa and says something about people who set their clocks manually and that being an issue. It finishes up by saying they were working on an update and that was the response I received for my question about when the update would come out. Several people on another droid forum had this same exact issue. MLB is unresponsive. Many of us have already decided to go the refund route. I strongly suggest you do NOT buy this app unless you are OK with pressing stop and start a dozen or more times during the course of a game.

I second fifthandlaurel. Except for replace "dozen or more times during the course of a game." to a "dozen or more times during the course of an inning."

Is the price of $14.99 a one time charge, or is it a monthly subscription thing? And if it's a one time charge does it only cover the current season? Meaning I'd have to pay the $14.99 next year too? Sorry, I don't have a Droid yet, just checking into all the features.

Nice app for baseball fans! You must be a subscriber to to use this. It does now stream video of highlights of most games...very nice! and the quality is fluid and smooth on my Cyanogen modded G1. Also has full and very complete box scores, including pitchers stats, detailed batter stats, and in the field stats detailing where each player played on defensive. Click on the players name and up pops the player card giving you more detailed stats about that individual player and his past. It also includes a picture just like a baseball card. Click the Plays button and go through each half inning and it chronicles every play in the ENTIRE game.
Click on Videos, and you'll get anywhere from no videos available for this game to 5 or more nice highlight videos! In Sundays Red Sox game vs. the Twins, you get 5 nice videos...ranging from 35 seconds for Mauer's homer to 1 min. 48 sec. for Buchholz's highlights of his nice outing. It plays landscape and you get a full frame video that is surprisingly thorough and lengthy! It in no way feels like they are in a hurry to make it short. In this game, watching the 5 videos amounted to well over 4 minutes of very smooth running videos on my wifi connection.
There seems to be almost no quirks with everything being very smooth and detailed. I highly recommend it! As compared to what others were saying, it has been polished up to an impressive presentation!

Really disappointed. Listening to Yankees/Red Sox now, or at least attempting to. At first I was getting these "low memory" warnings that automatically stopped the feed. After I went into the settings and fixed that problem the audio kept cutting out every time I exited the app or my Droid's screen turned off. Now it won't let me multitask and crashes my browser. My phone can stream audio from and still function normally, so why should this app be any different? I'm getting a refund, when there's an update and if it fixes all of these issues, then I might consider buying it again.

the same app on the iphone has more features and is more stable. I am very dissapointed with this app on the droid platform. Mlb better update this app to be able to watch live game coverage until then I think this app is not worth the $15.