Pizza Hut

Pizza lovers, unite! Pizza Hut has released its own app available now for free in the Android Market. Users can order pizza from the Hut on the fly from a full menu with a quick and easy checkout either through their account or as a guest.  Those with an account will have access to their most recent orders, making that large triple meat lovers special a bad decision you can just keep on making. Grab it from the Market after the break.

Thanks, James, for the tip!


Reader comments

Pizza Hut app available now in Android Market


If its anything like the ios version that's been out for about 2 years its like 20mb and doesn't show any of the specials! Junk!!

I couldn't order papa johns online from my last apartment. Something wrong with the site where it wouldn't recognize the address.


Pizza Hut is one of three things that can actually bother my otherwise cast-iron-like stomach. The other two are McDonalds and coffee.

Ellio's is better than Pizza Hut. LOL

Coffee makes sense. Caffeine can stimulate the bowels. The other two mean you have a weak ass stomach :P

I just moved close to one. Never had it before. They loaded me up on a weeks worth of fries when I went.

I think it's funny when people bash chain restaurants. I eat Pizza Hut because it is a decent price when you use a coupon and it tastes good. I could care less that they are on every street corner in America. Just because Pizza Guidos or whatever is a one of a kind restaurant doesn't mean it's pizza tastes any better.

My waistline really does NOT need an easier way to order food from Pizza Hut. But I may just load this app for sentimentality/nostalgia. The first time I saw a demonstration of the World Wide Web, it was during the summer of 1994 at a summer pre-engineering program right before my senior year in high school, and they loaded up a website for Pizza Hut that allowed online Pizza ordering. Online ordering was only available in a few or maybe even only one market at the time, but I thought it was the coolest thing.