When Chevy finally launched the Volt plug-in hybrid electric car, they also kicked out an app with in-car communications and monitoring subsidiary OnStar to integrate owners' mobile phones with the vehicle. Similar to the MyFord Mobile app that Ford put out to integrate with their own Focus Electric, OnStar RemoteLink being shown off at CES 2012 hooks into the OnStar system onboard the vehicle, allowing the owner to remotely monitor the fuel levels, and in the case of the Volt, also check in on how the battery is charging, plus set off-peak charging schedule. RemoteLink also can plan routing on the phone and send it remotely to the car, saving you time the time of generally tedious address inputting when in the car. OnStar RemoteLink is available for both iPhone and Android phones and is compatible with most 2010-and-newer GM vehicles with OnStar.

But the app isn't the only thing OnStar had to show off at CES. Also on display was a new media system in their Volt show car that linked two Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets for backseat users with the car's Verizon LTE connection and the center stack up front. By integrating LTE with the power of the Android tablets, OnStar was able to build a system where the driver can pull up a movie from the home computer and stream it back to the tablets attached to the back of the front seats to placate a squad of rambunctious youngsters, start a Skype video call between the kids and grandma, or presumably just put up Angry Birds to keep them entranced in avian demolition for a few hours.

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Been using the on star app for months. Its awesome.

huskers15 says:

On star app works for cars with on star or certain year when the car was made???

robung says:

Keeps tabs on your fuel level? Wouldn't it be easier to look at the fuel gauge?

moosc says:

It also checks tire pressure oil life global unlock global remote

on 2010 and newer models it tells you fuel, mileage, mileage left, tire pressure, oil life, remote start, unlock doors, horn, etc.

leo_21 says:

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