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It's pretty easy to get your Google Calendar entries onto an Android device, as the services come baked right into the OS. However there are some instances where the Google Calendar may have been replaced by the OEM, for something they felt was a little more in tune with their design. (We're looking at you, S Planner.)

Today Google has released the Google Calendar app for everyone to download. It's the same app you would get if you running a Nexus (or vanilla Android) device, but packaged up and placed into the Google Play Store. If you're on OEM skinned device, this is a great option that has all the expected features included within as well as some added bonuses --

  •  Snooze events directly from a notification if you’re not quite ready and want to be reminded later.
  • Use predefined messages to send quick "I'll be late" updates to your event participants directly from the notifications or the event itself (of course, you can always write your own).
  • Pinch to zoom in and out of a day.
  • Set a home time zone to help you manage your time better when traveling.

There are some issues to be aware of, though. As noted in the Google Play Store, HTC devices appear to not play along all that nicely with it. If you're wanting to still give it a go, the link is live right now. You'll need a device running Android 4.0.3 or above.

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Official Google Calendar app launches on Google Play


it didnt come as an update to me. so what happens if i install this? will it be a separate app or will it update the current app on nexus..

OMFG! I have been waiting for this on my Korean Galaxy Note...NOT COMPATIBLE!! Damn thing is still Gingerbread... the nerve of Google to release something that requires an OS that is STILL not on the majority of devices! It's not Google's fault that SKT hasn't updated my OS, but it sure the hell is that they can't make this compatible with their most installed OS. Goddman fragmentation at it's finest!!!

I think you will see a different story if you look at the percentage of "devices sold" with Gingerbread and not the actual % of devices with the OS. Google tends to play that up thinking it helps their cause but look at devices sold and you will see a WHOLE different story. I think it was your website that reported that 60% of Koreans own a Galaxy Note. There are 10 mil people in Seoul alone so do the math, lol.

Sure, several devices are out with ICS and Jellybean but if you do the devices that are actually out in the real world you will see GB is on the majority of them. I KNOW I am not the only one feeling the sting Jerry.

Oh, i get what you are saying. That's irrelevant, lol. I am talking about ANDROID phones, not GOOGLE phones. Google phones are not available in all countries. Is this a website just for information from the US?

Should gmail not be compatible with GB???

This is an update to the ICS/Jelly Bean calendar. It requires features introduced in Android 4.0.1. That OS is now one-year old, and Google not using the features of it because Samsung <insert any OEM or carrier here> can't be bothered to update their phones is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

It has nothing to do with "can't be bothered". Since some people have never built your own computer, you have multiple parts to it. First, you have to put it together, then you have to install the OS. Now, installing the OS isn't always as easy as it may seem. For every component, from sound, to the graphics, to the touch screen, cellular connections, Bluetooth, etc, you need a driver for that component as provided by that component manufacturer. Samsung may make a fair number of the components itself, but there are others that are provided by others, and those need drivers for the new version of Android. If the drivers provided have problems, it can take a LONG time and a fair bit of effort to get the component maker to come up with a driver.

If the drivers MOSTLY work, but have stability issues(can cause the device to crash), that may be fine for those who install their own OS updates, but for a device maker that has to provide support, if there are ANY stability concerns, that DOES mean the update should not be sent out to the general public.

You also have the case of the update being ready, but the carriers refuse to release the update. I have seen first hand where AT&T refused to release webOS 2.1.0 to Palm Pre Plus owners, even though the update had been made available in one market. At this point, the Galaxy S3 has the JB update READY, but individual carriers want to do their own QA and testing for the carrier specific crap apps before allowing the release. Make no mistake, the carriers are often more at fault for delays in releasing updates than the device makers.

I'm feeling your pain, can't believe Google only make it compatible for 4.03 devices... Almost two-thirds of Android devices are still using GB..

After a long search for an alternative cal, I came across a new cal app called DigiCal, which follow the same holo theme look. But it offers even more cal views and widgets and lots of improved features like integration with google maps, event-pop-up.

Calengoo. Not free, but it is way better than the stock calendar on my DroidX (that will never get anything higher than 2.3.4).

Does it allow you to go to a specific day yet, or do you still have to scroll month by month by month? That's a real pain for something a year or more in the future.

yes, how???

im with achecht on this one....i couldnt find it either....

one new feature they finally added is you can now click to go to todays date if youre scrolling throughout the year

I'm wondering if there is any way they are going to have the icon update daily to show the current date, that would be sweet - and i don't want to reference some POS OS that does that.

Ya I like the S-Planner as well.
I did download the Google Calendar to try it out for a while... we'll see.

Please help!
I tried this app and uninstalled because I didn't like it.

After uninstalling I found out that all my calendar items are gone. Both on my SGS3 and on Googlr Calendar. Everything is gone :-(

Any suggestions?

*Edit* after about 15 minutes everything magically reappeared so fingers crossed and case closed for now.....

Since this is an APP, even if the data were cleared from the device, the data would still be up on your gmail calendar, which is why the data came back down after 15 minutes.

I've been fairly happy with the stock calendar on the GS3. Will the google calendar app also connect to other calendars, outlook/exchange at work specifically?

Biggest thing I noticed (which maybe this was already there and I just had given up long ago in looking for it?) was that the NCAA sports schedules that Google provides on the browser calendar can now show up on the mobile calendar.

Until now, I had had to subscribe to a Yahoo calendar feed to get my school team's schedule on my phone, even though they were visible from the desktop browser.

Yep, same here. FINALLY the sports schedules are available on my Android devices without resorting to workarounds (I, like you, was using Yahoo calendar feeds on my mobile devices).

Only minor issue is that the color mapping for custom colors (set on the web version) between the web and app isn't always very good at all.

On my Nexus 7 I see text in the month view, but on my GS3 there is no text - is that just how it is with the Google Calendar, despite the 720p screen and how Samsung's calendar shows text on this phone?

Calengoo is the one I choose for all my Android devices. I do wish Google would develop a great calendar. Especially, since most users of Android devices rely on the calendar app for, well, everything.

Downloaded, then deleted. This is the same calendar (obviously) that I was running on my GNex. Funnily, just started using the calendar on the GS3 and the UI is much more friendly to me.

DigiCal is still my best choice for calendar app. It simply looks the best with the new holo theme design and intuitive UI. It has great cal views and beautiful widgets. Best of all, it has built-in location search and google maps integration. ohh I almost forgot, it is compatible with devices running 2.2+.