Droid 2 videos

The Motorola Droid 2 is less than 24 hours away, and Verizon's offering up an official hands-on video (re-uploaded by Engadget) to tease use these last few hours. Can't help but wonder if all the hands-on touchy-feely stuff was dig at Apple. Or maybe we're making that up. Who knows.

Either way, check it out after the break, along with an early hands-on from Droid Life. And everybody get ready for the madness to start tomorrow morning.


Reader comments

Official and early Droid 2 hands-ons good to whet the appetite


It had JUST booted, even with 1ghz processors, a lot is getting sort out for a quick bit when the phone is just turned on. If you notice him scrolling around and flipping through the home screens later in the vid, you notice everything is silky smooth.

That's what I was thinking. What is he talking about blew people's minds? It is under the Nexus One which came out almost 7 months ago. I really was thinking of getting this phone a couple months back glad I went with the Captivate and stayed with my Nexus One (that was really my main reason to stay with ATT).

Meh. I will stick with my old skool droid and wait for the droid 3. Maybe by then they will realize that front facing cameras should be standard if they listened to the consumer

Looks like I will gladly be pocketing 200 dollars until later. I have the Incredible running Sky Raider 2.2 and I do not see anything about this phone that makes me want to switch. And wait once the Incredible gets 2.2 officially I would love to see a battle royal between these two phones. I started running my quadrant test 10 seconds after he started in the video and finished at the same time. The Incredible only scored 1182 but my Linpack score was 38.62. I will wait and see what the next HTC beast is for Verizon or the Droid Pro.

I own a Droid1, and I weaned myself off a physical keyboard -- I never ever use it anymore. So I'll keep my powder dry for some more powerful keyboardless offering from Big Red down the road a piece.

I have to agree. Anyone that has seen the Droid 1 will testify that it is a memorable device. It is built like a tank this is all metallic and blue and just doesn't look right especially with that god awful Moto skin (whatever it is) they should have stayed with what made the Droid 1 the best selling Android device still to date. Not impressed with anything with this phone was def expecting a whole lot more. If I was on Verizon I would still pick the Droid Inc by far the best Verizon has to offer plus it looks the best. Then again Sense will always beat out Moto's Blur be it ninja or whatever they are calling it these days. Plus I have played with the Incredible on numerous occasions and it still is the fastest Snapdragon to date. They really streamlined Android on that device and you can tell a big difference from the Nexus One since they went with the MaxTouch. Sorry Motorola my vote still goes for the Droid Inc. over your X and 2, but then again that is only my opinion. It will remain the best Verizon has to offer until the Fascinate finally is sold.

woah really suprised how laggy that looked :/ but i noticed live wall papers dont work to well on froyo. htc evo. you would think it would if it came stock froyo.

I had the incredible for a month before switching to X. I really started to love the inc, but my intentional was always that the inc was just place holder till X dropped. Having used both sense and blur- I really see little difference. I *maybe* liked sense better. but people hate on blur like it ruins the phone. Im enjoying it as much as sense. But im not hardcore user, so maybe im missing something.