O2 Froyo update

Hey, you, the guy on O2, with the SE X10 and a Galaxy S, too. Some updates are headed your way. The above screen grab is a bit cryptic, but here's the deal: European carrier O2's Sony Ericsson X10 line -- that'd be the X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro -- will be getting its Android 2.1 (Eclair) update starting Nov. 15. And that same day, O2's Galaxy S devices will be getting Android 2.2 -- Froyo.

That's all subject to change, of course, and it likely will roll out in stages -- you know these updates go. But some update is better than no update, right? Thanks, anon!


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O2's version of the Samsung Galaxy S getting Froyo on Nov. 15


Great news for the Galaxy S but why aren't you guys talking about what happened last weekend with T-Mobile and the Vibrant?

Many of us received an OTA that actually downgraded our Vibrant prior to JI6!

1. Applications removed/changed: Media Hub (changed), HD Video Camera (removed), & Task Manager(removed).
2. Phone, Baseband and Firmware version changed. Baseband is now T959UVJFD & Firmware is 2.1-update1

Thanks in advance!

Just off the phone to Joanne from o2, she had no idea what i was talking about and referred me to the samsung website.....