Samsung Gear S

Samsung and Nike have teamed up to bring Nike+ Running to Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch. The app uses the GPS and 3G wireless in the Gear S to view their progress, send out real-time stats, and maps their runs, all without the need for a smartphone. Nike+ Running will track distance, pace, allow you to play music, and also share you run live with your friends though social networks.

According to Samsung:

With the pre-loaded Nike+ Running App on the Samsung Gear S, users can leave their phones at home and still map runs, track progress and stay motivated while on the move. In the midst of a workout, runners are able to easily view running metrics including distance, pace, heart rate, NikeFuel earned, and time, by simply raising their wrists. The app is also equipped with a built-in music player, allowing runners to select music in a playlist with a quick tap. Meanwhile, the Samsung Gear S' built-in GPS allows runners to check their routes and speed. In addition, the Nike+ Running App keeps runners inspired by leveraging the Samsung Gear S' 3G connection to deliver real-time cheers from Facebook friends.

Samsung Gear S

Nike+ Running for the Samsung Gear S should be ready by the time the device ships sometime in October. What do you think of the integration of Nike+ Running into Samsung's latest smartwatch? Let us know below in the comments.


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Nike+ Running transforms the Samsung Gear S into a fitness tracker


The Galaxy Gear Solo a Wrist Watch communicator is shaping up well kicking those other mere notification watches to the curb.

Everything else NOT TIZEN is obsolete.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Since when is the Note 3 or 4 a watch? You do realize he is talking about watches. You talk a big game about him, but from what I can see you're the one starting all these things.

I suspect he does a lot of laughing at how much he gets under your skin.

I think this device could sell quite well among the increasingly popular fitness aficionados and other active and competitive lifestyle enthusiasts.

BTW, I highly doubt members of the Yarrellian clan could fit the above described lifestyle capabilities.

I think this looks to be the introduction of another potentially successful Samsung niche like the Note if competitive devices don't come along quickly.

Of course we won't read them commenting in these forums.

I wonder if this device will out flank Apple's wrist device(s) introduction among the competitive active lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts.

Count me in as interested as well. Will need to see it in person and price will be a factor, but this is a welcomed addition. I really like the fact that I can use it as a stand alone music player while running or at the gym and not have my phone with me (especially since I have my eyes on the Note 4 and don't want to carry that running or at the gym).

Posted via Android Central App

+1 to everything QBert just said, this Gear S definitely has sparked my interest in smart watches again ... If works and does everything it claims to well I wont even mind that its running tizen

This finally sounds as a solid product. I will be willing to try and leave behind my unreliable Garmin 620.
Let's hope the battery life is sufficient, for me 8-10h of continuous workout with music would be sufficient.

Using GPS & 3G with a battery that small is simply not going to be even remotely useful. That's before you take into account everything else that's going on. I'll stick with my Garmin.

That was my initial thought.

Then one would have to believe Samsung, with this release of the sixth version of a gear watch and an array of competitive releases, has become stupid all of sudden.

Upon reflection, I have to believe Samsung knows what they are doing.

I love the look of this watch but I'm not sure I want Tizen on it. It's going to limit the apps and that means if it's operating independently of my android it's not going to be working with the ones I use most.

My only concerns are how good will the radios, GPS, and battery be. If I can't get more than 5 hrs out this thing I wouldn't want a st stand alone watch.

Posted via Android Central App

Since I have had the unpleasant experience of having to carry along my cellphone with me while jogging in order to keep record of my running sessions by Runtastic app (, I do welcome this new product. It is very convenient to be able to track your moving activity without having to have your phone with you.

As many correctly stated, price and battery life are two important factors for the widespread acceptance of this device. Even if Samsung and Nike do not satisfy the general audience of this watch, I'm sure there are other companies eager to have a good share of this market.

Thanks for reading this comment and have a great time. ☺

Having owned a Nike+ GPS SportWatch, now I'm intrigued that the features of that watch is carrying over to the Samsung Gear S. Like everyone else says, the battery life (which is my "make-or-break" for any smartwatch) would be the difference maker for me. As it is, my SportWatch lasts me 1-2 weeks, my Pebble 4-5 days.

I'd love to replace my Nike gps watch with this. I'd rather not have a GPS watch and an android wear or another watch. One that does it all is better.

Posted via the Android Central App

This watch is becoming more and more intriguing. I'm not thrilled with the physical design, but it should be find for average daily use. The idea of this being able to be stand alone and still do the features of a smartwatch, plus all fitness features discussed here, plus...what else? I'm very interested to see what this one looks like once it's released.

On a side note, something like this is exactly how Samsung can get developers to port their Android apps to Tizen, so a smart move by them, even if I dislike it.

The device is an independent phone and cellular service to the phone number (SIM) requires payment to a cellular service provider.

I'm incredulous as to how this cellular, GPS, media player device with additional sensors and a display can be sufficiently powered. I find it difficult to believe. Perhaps Tizen is incredibly power efficient.

Maybe the purpose of this device is as a proof of concept alpha device perhaps to secure operational and functionality patents.

And realize if you use the device to make voice call you'd have to use bluetooth to not look like a dork ass tool.

Compared to Android wear tizen seems more power efficient. Example the gear 2 which has the same battery as the gear live lasts like 2-3 days longer if the comparisons online are to be believed.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Ok so this thing has a sim slot for data and voice... Would you have to add an additional line just to use this thing? Would this watch have it's own phone number? If you decide not to use a sim card with it - can you still connect it to your phone via bluetooth?

But can it make a phone call for help if you are out in the middle of nowhere, twist your ankle, and can't walk?

Posted via the Android Central App

Apparently one could make a voice connection over 3G using the device if you have the service signal and battery power according to the functions listed in the article.

Im just worried about battery life, since the watch has a celular radio and wifi antenna. Samsung promises 1 to 2 days of batt life, i seriously doubt it will last that long. We will see tho, since tizen is less battery hungry than android.